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highlights one

Since I spend an insane amount of time looking at icons, checking out tutorials, and snagging PS resources I thought I'd start sharing them with you guys since they help me out so much with making my own icons and graphics. So enjoy these links!

icon posts
_rhea posts 39 angel and buffy icons with a unique, grudge style.
_hushed_art with 150 icons of various interesting styles and fandoms.
iconzicons 31 world of warcraft babes.
yokokaru_chan with 65 various anime icons.
iiicon with two posts here and here of lots of disney movies.
loleiasbits posts lots of amazing star wars and harry potter icons.
dark_sephy has lots of anime plus some alice in wonderland icons. I really love the trigun ones.
digitaljazz with lots of dumbledore with a cool style.

kotae gives you 100 b&w inuyahsa bases.
zinzibar all kinds of goodies, brushes, layouts, patterns and more.
reversescollide layouts, styles, and other lj needs. has lots of nifty fonts. layouts for your livejournal (what else). lots of galleries with tons of pics of actors.

envious_forms posts a manga coloring tutorial.
coffeefueled with a coloring tutorial that i've been using a lot recently.
__sele__ has another great coloring tutorial.

dy_chionn shares a harry potter fanmix and an awesome hp wallpaper.
dreaminoflorien with another harry potter wallpaper.

_nightrainbow, colored_manga, hp_themed, disneycaps, and dj_capslock.
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