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tutorial: sailor moon: coloured manga

we will be going from this to this:

this is a beginner to intermediate tutorial using photoshop 7 to color and spice up manga images.

1 Find a black and white manga images you like (I tend to prefer images with not a lot of background items)size it down and move it to your 100x100 canvas.

filter>sharpen you will most likely need to edit>fade sharpen since the lines tend to get too pixelated at 100% sharpen.

this is what we have:

2 create a new layer and use the paint brush with white cover up all the ugly lines and dust from the image.

3 create a new layer and using the paint bucket fill it with a flesh coloured tone, set to multiply (i would give you an actual colour number but you have to play around to see what flesh colour matches with your image). Erase all of the colour except what is on your characters face.


on this particular icon it was set to 54% opacity on multiply but again you will have to play around with your own image.

4 create a new layer and fill it with a yellow, blonde color. Set to multiply and erase everything but the hair.

We have this:

set to 64% opacity on multiply.

5 create a new layer and fill it with hot pink and set to, what else? Multiply! and erase everything but her bow.

set to 29% opacity on multiply.
we are now done with the colouring layers i promise ^_^

6 used this texture by hmmm, i didnt label it properly if you know please drop me a line.

and set it to darken at 16%, erase all the areas on her face and body.

so we get this:

7 used this texture by cdg_brushes

lighten at 100%

almost done:

8 create a new layer I used a brush from the latex_grungebox set by sir

for a bit of decoration:

9 add two tiny text brushes (these were by _coquettish) over the pink boxy thing.

10 Merge all your layers and add a 3 pt white stroke, then add a dotted line stroke (if you would like to know how to do a dotted line stroke let me know and I'll explain I'm too tired now though).

ta da we are done!
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