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sticky-icky big post of everything

credits, banners, requests, affiliates, and anything else my little heart desires...

credits for brushes, textures, tutorials....
_ravenwing - iconvexity - _joni
colorfilter - lvlwing - saihara
miggy - wickedripeplum - zfyreangel
bessyboo - pekeana - inxsomniax
detoxcocktails - meleada - fluffy_monster
ashke_icons - palefire - chouchoune
projectdisorder - _trendi - contradictz
filipinoz_rule - dekolette - noctuidae
_radon - _ewanism - unmasked_icons
fks_graphics - eversmiling_ - amethystia100
ohfreckle - poshpixel - dj43
sir - dilkerhtahai - tommorowbrings
iroka - petticoatrow - arisubox
hanako_lovely - jsilverywitch - awmpdotnet
acidicicons - weapon_icons - zinzibar
_moonangel_ - nocturnelorelei - loleiasbits
haydens__hunnie - walky_talky - dj_capslock
the current layout template was made by _curelola.
If you notice I have used one of your resources please leave a comment and I will add your name to the list.

Banners from icontests, some were won under my first icon journal summerdandelion...

Have a request for an icon of any fandom? just leave a comment with some details and i'll try my best.

Would you like to affiliate with _notable? please leave a comment with your community so I can take a look. personal icon journals or contest/resource journals are welcome.
Tags: affiliates, banners, credits, request

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