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postal service: give up: virgin suicides

My postal service/virgin suicide themed icons for ost_challenge. 10 icons + 2 textless versions all inspired by tracks from the album Give Up. Enjoy!
Image hosted by

01 the district sleeps alone tonight:
Image hosted by

02 such great heights
Image hosted by

03 sleeping in
Image hosted by

04 nothing better
Image hosted by

05 recycled air
Image hosted by

06 clark gable
Image hosted by

07 we will become silhouettes
Image hosted by

08 this place is a prison
Image hosted by

09 brand new colony
Image hosted by

10 natural anthem
Image hosted by

textless versions:
Image hosted by Image hosted by

footnotes: none really 01 and 06 look best on dark backgrounds and...uh...thats about it. Comments and credits are always nice.
Tags: challenge, virgin suicides

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