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esotsm; dance

sing_song_girl in _notable

Icons Twenty-Two

28 icons
5 x stock (halloween)
4 x Colbert Quotes
3 x Stephen Colbert
3 x Fruits Basket
3 x Harry Potter
2 x Sailor Moon
2 x That 70's Show
1 x Cowboy Bebop
1 x Inuyasha
1 x Marilyn Monroe
1 x Beyonce
1 x Kirsten Dunst
1 x Christina Aguilera

credit if using, comments are nice.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28

06 is from The Word, it means tough titty.


Came here for the Stephen Colbert, stayed for the stock Halloween...they're too cute!
Taking number 3 and will credit!
<3~ Oh I love the coloring on the fruits basket ones~! <3 I'm stealing a few, including ed O:!

Just a question out of curiosity, would you be willing to share your secret with the color? O:! I'd love you forever and like, totally worship you >><<;;
I pretty much use this icon tutorial for coloring (minus the pink layer).
I also add a step after this tutorial where I duplicate my base image and then go to image>adjustments>hue/saturation, select the colorize button and it should automatically give a blueish color and set that layer to soft light. I then duplicate the base image again go to image>adjustments>hue/saturation, select the colorize button and mess with the settings until you get a medium to light yellow color and set layer to soft light. Merge all the layers, duplicate the image and set to soft light. Just mess around with settings until it makes your picture look good. I use Photoshop 7 btw.
and I just remembered I most likely added a dark blue exclusion layer when I was all done everything which is what gave these a more muted look.
ah, many many many thanks~! <3~! Sorry to be a bother and ask xD
Ha! 9 and 11 are hilerious, will credit
I took all the Colbert, I loves them. Will credit.

I loved number 6, that episode was awesome cause I know Latin. =D
#11 & 10 looks so awesome!
awww i'm in love with your icon lol
hehe thanks, it was made by karose. i love your colbert icons!
I browsed through her journal, she has a lot of cute stuff. I'm sure you already saw it but I thought this was adorable.
lol yea that was worthing reading through, lol
♥ at #16.

And now I'm craving candy corn. Mmm.
Took #2, will credit!
These are awesome. I love the Colbert ones and the Halloween ones are sooo cute!

p.s. where does the pic for #12 come from?
I took #21; thank-you!
so brilliant. ♥♥
I really like your icons, I'm adding you to my friends list and I also add this community =).
Add me back if you want!
I love 11!
Snagging 12.