rainbowsex_88 (rainbowsex_88) wrote in _nolasingles_,

Gay single guy, looking for a good man.

Hello, my name is Gavin, I am 18 years old and live in Lacombe, Louisiana. I take many trips down to New Orleans, and love it. I just moved here about a month and a half ago, so really, I'm looking for someone as a friend first. Also, I'm just getting over a 4 year on and off relationship. Not looking for a one night stand either. lol . Anywho, I'm about 5'7'', 130 pnds, White, with a punkish/gothy/formal look....+ My mohawk... I have guaged ears, and 14 other piercings. Not into religion too much but copes with whatever you believe... Check out my info page if interested or add me here if you would like... ~*Huggles*~ Gavin~
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