ithilmir_elf (ithilmir_elf) wrote in _nolasingles_,

Anyone willing to make a quick $100 or more?

I'm going to be visiting New Orleans from the 17th through the 21st, and have very minimal funds when it comes to hotel rooms. I would happily pay someone living in the Quarter or nearby, $25-40 per night for four nights in exchange for letting me crash on their couch. I am eighteen, am a fun person to have around, and can be in at a reasonable hour if required. Am a smoker but will smoke outside if you please, and can purchase my own meals and won't need laundry or anything like that. Just a place to sleep.

If anyone's interested, please call me, Nadia, at (773) 844-6794. I really hope to make some new friends during my second visit to NOLA, and not have to pay for a hotel when I'm sure there's someone there who has a couch on which to crash and can use $100 or more! Thanks so much!
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