Ari (dovefeathers) wrote in _nolasingles_,

Apologies to those who have seen this post alread...

Just trying to really get the word out, especially on boards where there may be a lot of posts in a given day:

I'd like to invite everyone once again to please stop by the community I am trying to fuel: "Dear NoLa..." Everyone who is or who has ever been in love with New Orleans, this is a call to all of us to write her love letters in this time of need. We hope that these love letters will be read by anyone who could possibly suggest "not rebuilding". We hope to try to make our government, our fellow citizens, and the rest of the global community understand what this city is to us.

If this community gets enough posts, I hope to direct media attention to it. But we need to act fast if this idea will work. The gears are turning on a decision concerning the levee system, and hurricane season 2006 gets closer every minute.

Thank you all so much, who have left your letters so far! Please spread the word. And good luck to you all. -Ari
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