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khr - guardians

Galaxis Phantasia Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts RP

Galaxis Phantasia - yaoi, m/m only rp
Fandoms: FF7, FF8, FFX, FFX-2, KH2

For some it is the future, for others their past, but for most it is a time not their own. Unexpectedly drawn through space and time to end up marooned on a space station, one must adjust or perish. Alliances forged, comrades made, hearts changed; each learning all is not what it seems and that home is closer than you think.

In the depths of space, knowing who to trust is the difference between surviving and unimaginable hell.

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For specific information about Galaxis Phantasia, please check out the community here. Character application, space station information, the rules, and more can be found at the message board. If you have a question, please leave it here and admin will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope everyone who joins has fun.

posted with permission and also x-posted...apologies to those who see this more than once ^^;


I have come to advertise, plug, or otherwise pimp this rp that I'm trying to get together.

WHAT : An Eerie Queerie RPG
WHEN : As soon as we get a few more players/characters
WHY : Because it'll be fuuuun.
WHERE: The LJ community eeriequeerie_rp and the LJ ooc community eerieq_ooc
HOW: It will be a post and reply type RP, so noone has to worry about real time meetings, unless they want to. You'll post actual rp in the eeriequeerie_rp journal, and ooc stuff (like fanart, drabbles, ooc greetings, etc.) will be posted in the eerieq_ooc community.

So far we only have an Ichi and Hasunuma, so lots of good characters are open ^_^