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Writing Comm on InsaneJournal.

You all know the Fandom - FFVIII. You all know the 100 word drabble. You stick them together in a blender and you get ffviii_100.*

One word to let your mind play and muse a bit of wonderous writing for us to read. The catch: has to be in 100 words.

Jump in feet first on every monday for the new word and Write until you're content or until you kill the mini plot-bunnies!!

Join us if you will for some devilish words and interesting times! See you there - ffviii_100!

and i am sorry for the x-posting. i'm just pimpin! and if it's not allowed, feel free to delete or contact me and i'll take it down! ^_^

*Community is located @ InsaneJournal.com, OpenID's can be used!

Rare Fandom Fic Exchange

Hello all. I'm attempting to start up a rare fandom fic exchange this summer. This would be modeled after yuletide, but with a more manga/anime bent and possibly slightly more common fandoms. If you're not familiar with Yuletide, it's essentially a Christmas gift exchange with the gifts in this case being fanfic.

If anyone here is interested in helping out or eventually in participating, the community for my own exchange is foundtranslated. I'd also love it if anyone could suggest some rare-ish fandoms or other places to advertise. Feel free to post links anywhere you like. I welcome all advice.