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Bryan Fury - DIE DAMNIT!!!

Beg for Me

» Title: Beg for Me
» Author: [Sapphire17] [sakimarktwo@aol.com]
» Fandom: Tekken
» Rating: NC-17
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: Series/multi-chapter - Complete
» Classification(s): Lemon
» Warnings: YAOI, angst, launguage, violence, mild drug-use, disturbing content, non-consentual themes
» Pairings: Kazuya x Bryan and Bryan x Lei, with some more implied Kazuya x Lee and Lee x Lei
» Author's Notes: See all at the top of the first chapter.
» Summary: When Kazuya Mishima saves Bryan Fury from some mysterious troops who are seemingly after the both of them, Bryan is forced to spend one week in G-Corporation’s laboratory.  Knowing it could have been any number of his enemies responsible for the initial ambush, Kazuya stresses to uncover who was behind the attack in the first place...

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