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the river runs through it

Fic: Dominator

Hello again, ladies.  This is my very first foray into PotC fiction.  Be forewarned.

» Title:  Dominator
» Author:  deadlybride AKA Liz
» Webjournal:  http://deadlybride.livejournal.com/
» Fandom:  Pirates of the Caribbean
» Rating:  NC-17
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series:  One-off
» Classification(s):  None
» Warnings:  None
» Pairing(s):  Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
» Author's Notes:  Any feedback would be welcomed.  I wrote this after a pseudo-challenge was made by a friend of mine - "Will could never top!"  Well, here's my response.  (Also, I blatantly reference a Whitman poem from the late 1800s.  Pretend it's from the right century.)
» Summary:  Will wants to be in control.

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Transformers :: Prime for President

[!] Call for fic updates and submissions!

Long entry, ahoy! Please bear with ^-^;

By my best guesstimate it's been about 5 months since we last updated.

In order to break our 6-monthly update trend, NS will be uploading a fresh update within the next fortnight!

We want to thank everyone who has been submitting their work through the "dry season" and endured our delays, you've all been great! Now we want to give people the opportunity to be part of our upcoming update: send us updates of your progressive work (WIPs), or entirely new stories altogether -- we want to see everything!

New Fanart Feature!
Earlier tonight Mage went back and corrected the efforts of my early-archival syndrome ie. the first time I tried formatting and archiving a large epic that incorporated images, it looked passable... until we found four years later that the entire thing was broken and the code was an eye-sore like blah. In retrospect, I don't know how anyone let me get away with it. I'm so sorry, Jeremy! ;_;

This is how we've now incorporated fanart into the original story:
» 'Pupu's Saga', Chapter 5 by Jeremy Chapter (par example)

Do you, reader, writer or artist have fanart you've made, or been given, for a story you love or wrote? Would you like to see it featured alongside the story you admire? Do you alternatively have fanart for the many fandoms we host, though not based around a specific story? Send it to us! We've recently added a fanart gallery to the Sensus Image Archives where fanart can be collected and viewed by anyone.

NOTE: Unless your fanart was already inserted by the author themself, your fanart can only be added within the fanfic if you have written permission from them. However, with or without their permission, all fanart will be added to our fanart gallery!

You can submit through the NS submissions email --> submissions @ noiresensus.com (remove the spaces)
We'd like to remind new or prospective authors that for fanfic updates, you must still follow the submission guidelines cited here: http://noiresensus.com/infodir/submissions.html

Fanart submissions can be made either through email or the Community. Please keep all images behind a cut with details before the cut of the author and story (if applicable). :]

(See comments to this entry for details on RATINGS)

Though, I think if you're reading this it'll be much easier for you to submit through the Community. Copy, paste, fill out form and -- yes, we're done!! Whee! ^-^

(Apologies if you get this twice, I'll be posting to the NS Update ML as well)