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Fic: Sweetest Downfall

Title: Sweetest Downfall
Canon: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Seifer/Squall
Rating: PG
Warnings: implied budding m/m, probable AU, pre-game, probably song-fic-ish,
Summary: Youth, love and falling into it? I'm sucking at summaries today!
Wordcount: 1564
Author's Notes: The song bit and held on. Demanded a fic. Regina Spektor's Samson. Also, really fucking sorry for the cross posting like whoa!
Beta: albijuli
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FF8: Turning Point

Title: Turning Point
Author: Hecate's Brat / hecatesbrat@gmail.com
Fandom: FF8
Rating: M15+
Warnings: Gen, Violence, possible spoiler
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series: One Shot
Classification(s): AU (to be on the safe side - it would be a turning point of events), Character Death
Pairing(s): None
Author's Notes: This is based on the Squall is Dead Theory. It's the bunny that bit like a mofo. Also, apologies for the cross posting!
Word Count: 846
Summary: You know the Parade and those events? Yeah, something different happens.

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Scraps of Paper - Long Version

Title: Scraps of Paper
Characters/Pairings: Seifer, Squall
Rating: R. So fucking R.
Classifications: AU (after game), POV (Squall's), Short Fic
Warnings: Angst (possibly), Disturbing Content (comments of torture), Language, Suicidal Themes (talk of attempted), Slight OOC (lack of attitude?), Mentions of Sex/Rape
Word Count: 1485
Series: FFVIII
Author's Notes: prompt #130 (Journal/Diary) @ ffviii_100, also unbetaed and I apologize for the Cross posting.
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Title: Signs
Author: gargoule formerly hecatesbrat
Webjournal: hecatesmuse
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Rating: oddly, PG
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One Shot
Classification(s): possible Citrus (one-sided), Short Fic
Warnings: Possible OOC for Caraway, Yaoi (as in it's m/m), Spoilers (if you haven't played FF8)
Characters/Pairings: Laguna Loire/General Caraway
Word Count: 1018
Author's Notes: this was a result from a prompt from FFVIII_100's promptathon on IJ. There was much use of the FFWiki on General Caraway. There is no beta, so all mistakes are mine. My apologies for the cross posting.
Summary: Caraway has a boy!crush on Laguna that follows him through life.

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Title: 4:03
Author: gargoule
Fandom: FF8
Rating: M15
Warnings: Yaoi based thoughts, Spoilers (if you haven't finished the game or no nothing about FF8)
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series: One shot
Classification(s): POV, Songfic, AU (it happens after game)
Pairing(s): Squall/Rinoa Squall/Seifer
Summary: Squall thinks about the past he had with Seifer while with Rinoa.
Author's Notes: The song is Shinedown's If You Only Knew. Thank you to fly_little_wing and dawnduckie for being betas. There might be a Seifer-version. Also, sorry for the x-posting.

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Instructions from a Father to his Son

 Title: Instructions from a Father to his Son
 Author: Baby Chiba (writing under my old LJ)
 Webjournal: http://www.fanfiction.net/~babychiba
 Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
 Rating: NC-17 or XXX
 On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One-shot
 Classification(s): Definitely yaoi/ AU
 Warnings: Explicit sex, bondage, Rinoa-bashing!
 Pairing(s): Seifer/Squall
 Author's Notes: Though this may be self-explanatory I want to make it very clear before the story begins that the passing of time is not consecutive. Whenever you see italics it picks up somewhere in the future, not necessarily where the passage before it left off.
 Summary: Laguna gives his son Squall words of advice to prepare him for a life with his new master, Seifer Almasy.

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Sweet Spot

Title:Sweet Spot
Author: Hecate's Brat / hecatesbrat@gmail.com / http://hecatesmuse.insanejournal.com / http://hecatesmuse.livejournal.com
Fandom: FFVIII
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi (no really?), Language, Spanking (don't know if this would fall into BDSM or not), possible OOC
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series: One-off
Classification(s): Going to say Lemon to be safe, AU ish as I don't know where it would fall in the storyline. Probably before the game. PWP
Pairing(s): Seifer/Squall
Author's Notes: it's for mangacat and it's unbetaed and cross posted like whoa.
Summary: Squall asks a question, gets his answer and Seifer finds a sweet spot.

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your taunting smirk [seifer/squall] r

Title: Your Taunting Smirk
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters/Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Rating: R
Warning: Slash - Non-Explicit
Summary: Squall’s gunblade had been removed from his grasp, followed swiftly by Seifer’s before Squall’s space was invaded and Seifer’s mouth was sealed over his own.
AN: Prompt 'Passion' for 10_prompts table located here.

it had started out simply enough

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FIC: Reload, Chapter 14 - FFVIII

» Title: Reload
» Author: deadlybride
» Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
» Rating: NC-17 (R for this part)
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: WIP
» Classification(s): Drama, Action-Adventure (sort of), Romance
» Warnings: Slash/Yaoi, Graphic Sex/Violence, Non-Con, Alcohol Use
» Pairing(s): Seifer/Irvine, Squall/Irvine
» Author's Notes: This chapter continues where we left off a long, long time ago.  Links to previous chapters are contained therein, as well.

» Summary: When something happens to Irvine, Squall has to find out what went wrong, and why. The answer is something he doesn't expect.

Chapter 14
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If It Ain't Your Love, [I want blood from you] [Seifer/Squall PG-13]

Title: If It Ain't Your Love, [I want blood from you]
Fandom: Finaly Fantasy
Characters/Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Rating: Pg-13
Warning: Slash, Seifer's language.
AN: Written for the prompt 'blood' in This table
Summary: "You're supposed to block." "Shut up." "You're bleeding everywhere." "Well stop staring and cast a cure."

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