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Fic Search

I'm looking for an FFVIII SxS fanfic, and I'm sure I read it on Noiresensus. I can't find it anywhere now, and I don't remember the name of it.

Laguna had died and Squall became president. He took a vacation to one of Laguna's old palaces and found Seifer there. Come to find out Seifer had been Laguna's slave.

Seifer and Squall argued about Seifer's being a slave and Seifer mentioned how it wasn't so bad and that it could be worse because some other country wanted him lobotomized. Squall responded by saying that was a cop out.

It all ended in a sex scene where Seifer had to balance water on his head while Squall did interesting things to his body.

It was a one-shot smut fic, really, but I liked it a lot.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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fanfic search

Hi. My name is Amanda, and I joined because I've been searching forever for this Final Fantasy 8 fanfic I read quite a while back called Star Light. I wanted to read it again because it's one of my favorites, but since I have changed computers and harddrives at least ten times since I last saw it, I have no clue where I saw it or who wrote it.

I can tell you everything I know about it to hopefully help somebody recognize it.

It's yaoi and the main pairing is Squall x Zell. Squall is the lead singer of the band Blood Kiss and his band name is Griever. The basic plot is that Squall is some emotionless guy who hardly talks and sleeps with Seifer (the guitarist, aka Flare) just because he's his friend and all. He finds Zell at a party and tries to protect him. At some point the band plays in Balamb and he meets up with Zell yet again and then whisks him away to his private loft in Dollet. They become an item and eventually begin a beautiful relationship between fan and idol.

It's a really good fic and it makes me kind of sad that I haven't been able to find it. Somebody help? Please?

Thanks to anyone who can! ♥

Looking for a Gundam Wing Fanfic

It seems that this is the most successful and efficient way to find fics that have long been lost. Probably about four years ago I found this Treize and Millardo story that was one of the best I have ever stumbled upon. From what I can remember it is a story arc that included three stories. I believe that the arc or the website or something related to it was called Blue Blooded or Blue Blood, something close to that. I have searched high and low and have found no trace of it.

Plot wise this is what I can remember, although I'm not completely sure where the first, second, and third parts of the arc begin or end. LOL my memory is not that good.

Collapse )

Also I am pretty sure that that author calls Milliardo by Milliard. If anyone has any idea who wrote it or where it can be found I will be most grateful.
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The fic I was looking for

So yes! The fic I had posted about earlier is called "S.O.L.D.I.E.R" and it is by Silver Rayne and it was on Intrinsic Desires. Now, the problem is, I still can't get said fic. If anyone has this fic, if anyone knows Silver Rayne, essentially if there is anyone who would be able to provide me with the fic, please tell me so that I can have it emailed or something, please. I really enjoyed it and all. Thanks much ^_^!

Looking for a FF7 fic

Okay, I had posted this a comment to an entry, then was informed (as I'm an ass) that I could pose this to the community. Yay. Here goes:

There's a Zack(Zax)/Sephiroth fic out there where: Seph comes back from being at the lab all day, he's all tired and cranky cause he's in pain (he rooms with Zack btw). Zack presses him on what's wrong and Seph is embarassed to say, so Zack informs Seph that he has followed Seph and seen that Seph goes to a lab # times a week and that one some days Seph is stripped down, strapped to a table and has much blood drawn and ouchy things done (in the name of science, yay). Seph is embarassed as ALL HELL and tells Zack that he should shut up and mind his own business, or he'll pull rank on Zack and get his room changed. Zack says "shove it, you're not feeling well, lemme get you on the bed and make sure you're okay", at which point Zack shoves Seph on the bed, removes his jacket and sees the owwie bleeding needle marks on Sephs arm. He bandages the arm and then Zack tells Seph that he's the general -outside- but in the bedroom he doesn't have to be and Zack finally says "dude this shit is stupid, you don't have to live for shinra, blah blah, let me screw you into the mattress". Seph, who is apparently inexperienced in the way of relationships, says "sex??? whaa???" Zack deems it necessary to then show, very thoroughly, Seph what sex is. Then, after the sex, it's all fluffy "i think you're hot and want to exclusively screw you and you can live for me now too, not just shinra" ness.

...The fic is much better, believe me. But, if that sounds familiar to ANYone, please tell me, cause I'd really love to have that fic again, or read something exactly like it. And I think it -might- be called S.O.L.D.I.E.R or something to that effect, but don't quote me on that.