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✖ FINAL FANTASY :: EDEA - possession

your taunting smirk [seifer/squall] r

Title: Your Taunting Smirk
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters/Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Rating: R
Warning: Slash - Non-Explicit
Summary: Squall’s gunblade had been removed from his grasp, followed swiftly by Seifer’s before Squall’s space was invaded and Seifer’s mouth was sealed over his own.
AN: Prompt 'Passion' for 10_prompts table located here.

it had started out simply enough

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✖ COMIC :: jthm - what!

If It Ain't Your Love, [I want blood from you] [Seifer/Squall PG-13]

Title: If It Ain't Your Love, [I want blood from you]
Fandom: Finaly Fantasy
Characters/Pairing: Seifer/Squall
Rating: Pg-13
Warning: Slash, Seifer's language.
AN: Written for the prompt 'blood' in This table
Summary: "You're supposed to block." "Shut up." "You're bleeding everywhere." "Well stop staring and cast a cure."

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