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[FIC] Tekken (Bryan/Lei, Lei/Bryan)

Here are my 2 (so far) Bryan and Lei stories.  They can be read on their own, or together, with Hot Tip being first.

Title:  Hot Tip
Author: Merci
Pairing:  Bryan/Lei
Rating:  NC17
Source:  Tekken
Wordcount:  9,266
Summary:  Lei Wulong is suspended and depressed.  When a hot tip comes along about illegal experiments taking place in Hong Kong, he’s quick to investigate in the hopes of reclaiming his badge and honour.  What he finds in the guts of the underground labs is deception and more failure, sending him into a spiral that only an enemy could snap him out of.

( Hot Tip )

Title: Cold Heart
Author: Merci
Pairing: Lei/Bryan
Rating: NC17
Source: Tekken
Wordcount: 5,728
Summary: While a simple thing like beer can lure Bryan to Lei’s apartment, a simple thing like bondage won’t make him submit so easily.

( Cold Heart )

[FIC] Tekken - Unlikely Angel (Jin/Hwoarang, Hwoarang/Jin)

I haven't shared anything here in a while, though I've been writing a lot.

Title: Unlikely Angel
Author: Merci
Source:  Tekken
Pairing: Hwoarang/Jin, Jin/Hwoarang
Characters:  Hwoarang, Jin, Jun, Angel, Devil, Baek, Xiaoyu, Miharu
Rating: NC17
Warnings:    Smoking cigarettes, minor substance abuse, mention of gambling.  Violence & disturbing violence.  Angst.  Male/Male relationships.  Male/Female relationships.  Male/Male kissing, explicit sex scenes.

Wordcount:  167k (45 chapters)
Summary: Hwoarang had his own problems to deal with, but when Jun Kazama approached him with an offer he couldn't refuse, he found himself in possession of powers he'd never asked for, and a promise to help his rival, Jin Kazama overcome the Devil that had recently overpowered him.  However, to counteract pure evil, he needed the power of pure good; the strength of an Angel.

( Unlikely Angel )

[FIC]  Tekken - Tainted Love - Lee/Kazuya

I'm breaking rank and delving into my otp Kaz/Lee.  *dies*

Title:  Tainted Love
Author:   Merci
Pairing:   Lee Chaolan/Kazuya Mishima
Rating:   NC17
Status:   Complete (unless I wanna write a continuation with Kaz’s revenge!)
Source:    Tekken
Warnings:  Yaoi, Kink: bondage, flogging, marking, some minor bloodplay, c&b torture.

Summary:  Lee arranges for Kazuya to be put into a submissive position where hecan exact some revenge for all the wrongs he’s suffered in his life.  It’s his turn to top.
Inspired after a conversation turned to question “What are their kinks?”

( Tainted Love )

[FIC] Tekken - Lustful Game

Title: Lustful Game (Manipulate Your Way to Great Porn)
Author: Merci mercibel [at] gmail [dot] com
Webjournal: nosferatu_blue & etchedindigital
Fandom: Tekken
Rating: NC17
On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: WIP
Classification(s): Lemon, Epic, PWP
Warnings: Slash, Yaoi
Pairing(s): Hwoarang/Jin, Bryan/Steve, Jin/Hwoarang

Story Summary: The next King of Iron Fist Tournament is on and the fighters are booked into a fancy hotel, all expenses paid. The catch? Everyone is paired up with another fighter to be their roommate.

( Chapter Index ) - Contains all info regarding this series

( Chapter 01 ) - Hwoarang/Jin - No Escape
Summary: Hwoarang travels to the next King of Iron Fist Tournament to find the Mishima corporation is setting the fighters up in a fancy hotel, but what happens when he's put in the same room as his rival, Jin Kazama? Things get a bit complicated when someone locks them together in their room with no way out...

( Chapter 02 ) - Bryan/Steve - Primal Drive
Summary: Bryan Fury and Steve Fox are two men who have very little, if anything in common, except for the same hotel room. Bryan receives some mysterious ‘upgrades’, leaving him with an unhealthy interest in his roommate. An interest that does not stem from a desire to fight, but an even more primal instinct.

( Chapter 03 ) - Jin/Hwoarang - An Angry Devil
Summary: Jin's thoughts of sleep are overshadowed by Hwoarang's desire to indulge in more physical exertion. The two fighters find themselves pitted against each other in a violent confrontation as Jin loses control, and it's up to Hwoarang to save him and not get killed while doing it.

Attn NS submission team: I'd submitted the first chapter of this story to the site, but I've changed the title of it since then. Originally it was called 'Too good to be true'. I know that the Tekken section is being worked on, and stories won't be added/updated until it's rebuilt (I don't want to bug you about getting it finished at all. No rush here. I know how hectic it can be to rebuild a page like that,) I just wanted to let you guys know that I've renamed that story so when you DO update, you know. It's now going to be a multi-chaptered series rather than the one-shot I thought it would be.