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[ FV | Advent Children: It's Alright ]

A gift and apology for those who are so patient with us here at Noire Sensus.

necromage is rolling around on the floor trying to finish the update as I type -- maybe she thinks the carpet will absorb her stress? Everyone please send her good vibes: of the two of us she's the only one who gets worried =p

Enjoy ^-^

» Title: It's Alright | Mirrored HERE [.wmv format]
» Author: _bluebells
» Footage: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
» Soundtrack: "Alright", Tadpole
» Pairing(s): Cloud/Sephiroth, Cloud/Kadaj, mild Tifa/Cloud
» Date Completed: 4 December 2005

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Transformers :: Prime for President

[!] Demo Fic Post

Hi everyone!

I'm just here to perform a demonstration of a fic post, so others who might want to do the same know the procedure. The following fic is the product of sleepless sillyness. Pretend Miharu came to Tekken 5 and that Asuka already knows Jin's a pervert, but didn't have to win the tournament to gain such knowledge. If you haven't played Asuka's story mode yet you can just ignore that last line.

EDIT :: If you posted the story on your own journal, you can link to it directly, but ensure you include the standard NS Submission header form. Remember: all fiction posted to this community is considered for submission into the archives.


» Title: T-Minus....
» Author: K | k@noiresensus.com | http://www.noiresensus.com
» Webjournal: psuedoskribe
» Fandom: Tekken 5
» Rating: PG
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One-off
» Classification(s): Humour Drabble
» Warnings: Mild alcohol use
» Pairing(s): Alluded Jin/Xiaoyu, Jin/Hwoarang
» Author's Notes: Never play truth or dare and stay away from devils, kids. Especially ones with a metrosexual hairstyle.
» Summary: Jin's an all around nice guy, but Miharu's a slot machine of scandals.

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