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[!] New Staff Members!

Very belatedly – I'd like to welcome Merci (nosferatu_blue) and Auril (auril) to the team at Noire Sensus! Both will be helping us with formatting new fics coming in and are the reason the site is still alive and kicking. They've actually been working behind the scenes with us for about a year now and have already churned out bucket loads of formatted fics – which I need to upload!

As Noire Sensus is now 8 years old (oh my god, what happened to the time?!) the roles and amount of time the original Noire Sensus crew could devote to the site have changed. Basically everyone except for psuedoskribe and I are now only related to the site in 'consulting' roles as their lives take them elsewhere. On that note, I'd like to bid a very fond farewell to Eilis Siani (bananafis), Wolfie (wolfwarrior), and Link (link621) who've left us in a staff capacity. All three have been a great help behind the scenes, keeping the site running and providing valuable advice and support; Eilis was even one of the four founding members of Noire Sensus. But, alas, all good times must come to an end... Link will remain on as a contributing author.

The updated Noire Sensus staff role is:
  • Auril (auril) – SFA Format Officer – NEW!

  • Braken (braken) – Consultant (updated)

  • Koorime aka K (psuedoskribe) - Site Co-ordinator (unchanged)

  • Loquacia Dee (loqia) - Consultant (updated)

  • Mage (necromage) - Site Administrator (unchanged)

  • Merci (nosferatu_blue) - SFA Format Officer – NEW!

Another bad sign of how long it's been since I worked on the site – I had to look up all our info before I could write this post – the shame!

NB: The information on site is still out of date and will remain so until I can get my laptop to run faster >:D

NB2: I think I might even post this to the mailing list – apologies for people getting this twice. Now where did I put that thing...
Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[support] New Posting Guidelines, etc

Hi guys!

Not an update post – unfortunately, sorry! – but a support post for this community. I am attempting to work on the site, but it’s been hard to summon the enthusiasm working on a dying laptop… but we’ll get there. Noire Sensus is not dead!

Updated in the LJ community:
  • New LJ layout – we’ll see how long this one lasts. I was trying to find something visually non-offensive (it’s so hard!) that was in the free area and had good support for tags. Reason being, we’re now using the tag system to assist the memories as it’s more flexible - as you can see they're now listed down the side. More on that in the new posting guidelines below…

  • All posts have now been tagged and memorised as appropriate – I’ll keep adding memories while they come through, but if you could help with the tagging, it’d be great. I’m trying to keep the number of individual tags concise as I’ve heard of communities being deleted without warning for going over a ‘limit’ – which is not explicitly stated anywhere in LJ’s support documentation. I know, I’ve checked :(

New posting guidelines:
(also added to the profile information)
  • Subject/Titles for fic and art posts now have a format: [FIC|ART] FANDOM : FIC/ART TITLE. Unless someone can suggest something that looks nicer :)

  • Tag all posts – unless you think it’s really unnecessary (eg. just a quick shout out for info, etc). In fic and art posts the minimum required tags are author: name, fic: [fandom] OR art: [fandom], pairings (one tag for each pairing). If it’s just a fic search, there’s a tag for that, too.

And I think that’s it. As you might’ve noticed this community is more active than the site – psudoskribe actually suggested moving all activity to the comm., but I’d like to keep the site going, too. Remember, if you’re posting your fics in other LJ communities and would like them (eventually) added to Noire Sensus, don’t forget to post them here, too :)

Hope you guys are all having a great time,

Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[Support] Broken Links to the Tekken Pairing Archives

Okay. Since so many people are reporting this particular set of broken links (which as always, I thank you kindly for – keep telling me what’s not working!) I thought I’d just post here in case people were wondering what was going on.

First of all:

Yes, all the links from the SFA (a.k.a. the Bookshelf) Pairing Index to the Tekken Pairing Archives are broken.

There is a reason:

For the last update I redeveloped how the Tekken archive was structured (similar to what I’ve done with the FF8 and FF7 sections), which also required changing some file names. These new files were meant to go up in the last update – but because K wasn’t ready with the new fics yet (as you may have noticed, the Tekken section was the only one not updated last December), they were never uploaded to the server. BUT – the SFA is still pointing to the new files.

That’s why all the links are broken.

The work around!

All the links inside the Tekken archive are still working, so if you go directly to the Dojo: the Chronicles [the Tekken fanfiction archive], you can access everything without problem. For instance, the link above to the Tekken Pairing index works! Otherwise, if you still prefer to use the SFA’s links, change the very beginning of the file name from
pair_[the pairing you picked].html
tek_[the pairing you picked].html

At the moment, I'm trying to fix some things that I'm not happy with in the archive, and hopefully the new archive with the correct links will be available soon. I'll post here again when that happens.

Hope that helps, and clears up any questions people have. If not - comment! ^_^

--- Mage
Transformers :: Prime for President

[!] Call for fic updates and submissions!

Long entry, ahoy! Please bear with ^-^;

By my best guesstimate it's been about 5 months since we last updated.

In order to break our 6-monthly update trend, NS will be uploading a fresh update within the next fortnight!

We want to thank everyone who has been submitting their work through the "dry season" and endured our delays, you've all been great! Now we want to give people the opportunity to be part of our upcoming update: send us updates of your progressive work (WIPs), or entirely new stories altogether -- we want to see everything!

New Fanart Feature!
Earlier tonight Mage went back and corrected the efforts of my early-archival syndrome ie. the first time I tried formatting and archiving a large epic that incorporated images, it looked passable... until we found four years later that the entire thing was broken and the code was an eye-sore like blah. In retrospect, I don't know how anyone let me get away with it. I'm so sorry, Jeremy! ;_;

This is how we've now incorporated fanart into the original story:
» 'Pupu's Saga', Chapter 5 by Jeremy Chapter (par example)

Do you, reader, writer or artist have fanart you've made, or been given, for a story you love or wrote? Would you like to see it featured alongside the story you admire? Do you alternatively have fanart for the many fandoms we host, though not based around a specific story? Send it to us! We've recently added a fanart gallery to the Sensus Image Archives where fanart can be collected and viewed by anyone.

NOTE: Unless your fanart was already inserted by the author themself, your fanart can only be added within the fanfic if you have written permission from them. However, with or without their permission, all fanart will be added to our fanart gallery!

You can submit through the NS submissions email --> submissions @ noiresensus.com (remove the spaces)
We'd like to remind new or prospective authors that for fanfic updates, you must still follow the submission guidelines cited here: http://noiresensus.com/infodir/submissions.html

Fanart submissions can be made either through email or the Community. Please keep all images behind a cut with details before the cut of the author and story (if applicable). :]

(See comments to this entry for details on RATINGS)

Though, I think if you're reading this it'll be much easier for you to submit through the Community. Copy, paste, fill out form and -- yes, we're done!! Whee! ^-^

(Apologies if you get this twice, I'll be posting to the NS Update ML as well)
Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[support] New Theme Song & Fixed Links

Holidays begin this Friday!! - I am doing site work these holidays, uni can wait. Haven't had the time to touch the site in the last three weeks, and I'm in serious withdrawal. As for the main purpose of this post, I've fixed and added a few things around the site this morning (while I procastinate...):

New Theme Song
+ In the Harry Potter section for Ginny Weasley

I'm also working on moving all entries to a database to get rid of the advertisements in the text gear. It was going well - until three weeks ago when uni took over my life.

Broken Links
+ Fixed a very broken link in the Lord of the Rings archive, Hithaeglir for "Yielding" by Milady Hawke and Lady E. Completely broken (it was a. pointing to the wrong file, and b. pointing at a single fic when there were multiple chapters), there was no way it was going to work - so I'm very glad it was reported :)
Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[support] Broken Links

Just a heads up to let people know that, yes, we are alive, and we are working on the site :)

Also, as we have had a few broken links reported from people who wanted a reply (but whose email didn't come through) I figured I'd just list them here in case anyone else is interested:

In Final Fantasy VII:
+ Story link to "Dreams" from Sweetdeily's Author Profile

In Final Fantasy VIII:
+ Next/Previous links between chapters of "Afraid to Love: Thirty Days"

+ Also removed four of Miss Dintch's stories at her request. The rest are still there :)
Amila - Crimson Stigmata

Problems with the last update

It looks like the server went and deleted what looks like roughly half of the files from the update on the 29th April (this has happened a few times). I'll fix the problem when we get home (currently posting from a borrowed comp where we're staying), but for now, please bear with us. It will be fixed.