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Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[ Site ] Update 9 December 2005

Well, we finally managed an update and just in time for Christmas.

First of all - we want to apologise for the lack of updates this year. It's been the worst year on record when it comes to updates, and I am hoping to change this next year when I'll have a much lighter RL work-load.

Unfortunately even this update is incomplete; there are still many submissions and stories that we weren't able to put up due to time constraints on our end (we're meant to be leaving in less than four hours). So! If you've sent us fics and don't see them up this update, don't fear - they'll probably be up when we manage the other half of what should have been completed today. This includes in particular fics from the Noire Sensus Forums; I didn't have the chance to check them this time, and I am very sorry :(

Also because of the rush to get as many fics up before we leave, a lot of non-fic projects have fallen by the way side. These include the Proposed Beta Team, Image Archives, Fanart Archives, and information pages. I will have access to my computer on this holiday, though (for once), so I should be able to get quite a bit of site work done - but that'll depend on whether or not we can get internet access...

The only thing I have managed to do this update was re-code the Theme Songs so they're now stored on site and not remotely - this should make it much faster both to load and add new songs.

Now, on to the fics! We have one new fandom this update: Legacy of Kain.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 11 new authors and 87 new fics today. Hope you all have a great holiday season and new year :D

Note: We're unsure when we will be able to contact new authors since we have no idea what the internet arrangements will be. If anyone happens to know any of the new authors, it'd be great if you could let them know their work is up in the meantime :)
Amila - Crimson Stigmata

Amendments for 29 April 2005 Update

  • All archive indexes and new fics have been uploaded. All new stories have been checked through the Bookshelf update list and are working from that URL so if anything else is broken, let me know so I can fix more things! :)
  • In the most recent update, one of Purple Penguin's new FAKE stories was incorrectly recorded as Kumaguro's "Desperate Sympathy". It has been changed to the correct story, "Bikky's Birthday". My apologies to both authors - I'll try to keep my ineptness from influencing the site in future...
  • All dates in the Tekken Chronicles have been updated; they were all showing the wrong date for the update. My bad, not K's. I didn't warn her there was going to be an update on the 29th.

Thanks for bearing with us for all the hiccups in the last update, and thanks especially to all those kind people who took the time to let us know (the sudden spike in broken link reports was a pretty good hint what the problem was). It was all very much appreciated :)

Now, I'm gonna go - and enjoy our spoils from Sydney ;) Take care!
Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[!] Site Update

Noire Sensus has been updated with various miscellanaery (is that a word?) including a few new pictures for the Image Galleries, new profile pictures for some of the FF7 characters since there were some nifty new screencaps for Advent Children, a face lift for the Dojo, two new affiliates, 19 new authors, and 82 new stories :)

I know it's a small update. We haven't had any free time to devote to the site so what went up this update has been what we've managed to sneak in inbetween assignments, appointments and applying for scary new jobs. I don't think K even knew I was doing the update tonight.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to contact any of the new authors at least until Monday - we go to Sydney in a little over 5 hours and I haven't had any sleep o.O I will try to get that done ASAP, if I can find time around the absurd amount of group meetings I've had to attend (final year uni is way too time consuming).