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[!] New Staff Members!

Very belatedly – I'd like to welcome Merci (nosferatu_blue) and Auril (auril) to the team at Noire Sensus! Both will be helping us with formatting new fics coming in and are the reason the site is still alive and kicking. They've actually been working behind the scenes with us for about a year now and have already churned out bucket loads of formatted fics – which I need to upload!

As Noire Sensus is now 8 years old (oh my god, what happened to the time?!) the roles and amount of time the original Noire Sensus crew could devote to the site have changed. Basically everyone except for psuedoskribe and I are now only related to the site in 'consulting' roles as their lives take them elsewhere. On that note, I'd like to bid a very fond farewell to Eilis Siani (bananafis), Wolfie (wolfwarrior), and Link (link621) who've left us in a staff capacity. All three have been a great help behind the scenes, keeping the site running and providing valuable advice and support; Eilis was even one of the four founding members of Noire Sensus. But, alas, all good times must come to an end... Link will remain on as a contributing author.

The updated Noire Sensus staff role is:
  • Auril (auril) – SFA Format Officer – NEW!

  • Braken (braken) – Consultant (updated)

  • Koorime aka K (psuedoskribe) - Site Co-ordinator (unchanged)

  • Loquacia Dee (loqia) - Consultant (updated)

  • Mage (necromage) - Site Administrator (unchanged)

  • Merci (nosferatu_blue) - SFA Format Officer – NEW!

Another bad sign of how long it's been since I worked on the site – I had to look up all our info before I could write this post – the shame!

NB: The information on site is still out of date and will remain so until I can get my laptop to run faster >:D

NB2: I think I might even post this to the mailing list – apologies for people getting this twice. Now where did I put that thing...
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[support] New Posting Guidelines, etc

Hi guys!

Not an update post – unfortunately, sorry! – but a support post for this community. I am attempting to work on the site, but it’s been hard to summon the enthusiasm working on a dying laptop… but we’ll get there. Noire Sensus is not dead!

Updated in the LJ community:
  • New LJ layout – we’ll see how long this one lasts. I was trying to find something visually non-offensive (it’s so hard!) that was in the free area and had good support for tags. Reason being, we’re now using the tag system to assist the memories as it’s more flexible - as you can see they're now listed down the side. More on that in the new posting guidelines below…

  • All posts have now been tagged and memorised as appropriate – I’ll keep adding memories while they come through, but if you could help with the tagging, it’d be great. I’m trying to keep the number of individual tags concise as I’ve heard of communities being deleted without warning for going over a ‘limit’ – which is not explicitly stated anywhere in LJ’s support documentation. I know, I’ve checked :(

New posting guidelines:
(also added to the profile information)
  • Subject/Titles for fic and art posts now have a format: [FIC|ART] FANDOM : FIC/ART TITLE. Unless someone can suggest something that looks nicer :)

  • Tag all posts – unless you think it’s really unnecessary (eg. just a quick shout out for info, etc). In fic and art posts the minimum required tags are author: name, fic: [fandom] OR art: [fandom], pairings (one tag for each pairing). If it’s just a fic search, there’s a tag for that, too.

And I think that’s it. As you might’ve noticed this community is more active than the site – psudoskribe actually suggested moving all activity to the comm., but I’d like to keep the site going, too. Remember, if you’re posting your fics in other LJ communities and would like them (eventually) added to Noire Sensus, don’t forget to post them here, too :)

Hope you guys are all having a great time,

stock :: sleeping in

I have a plan!

I've realised the website needs THREE TEAMS! Action on these plans will be taken in the new year with necromage at the head of the project.

Team A: Retrieval. The Retrieval Team acquire the very meat and potatoes of the website, by requesting new stories and tracking works in progress. This team forwards the retrieved stories on to the Team B: Formatting. There would likely be sub-teams of Team A to track the numerous fandoms -- and some teams may only require a single individual -- we tried this a while back, and it didn't quite work with single individuals trying to balance site stuff with their real world commitments. The notion behind a team is to pick up the slack when another member needs off-time to address their tax returns or family reunions, etc.

Team B: Formatting. The Formatting Team weed out MS Word-HTML code, trawl through all the word documents from people who missed the request for TXT and HTML files and turn the behemoth submissions into clean, semi-XHTML compliant stories for others' reading pleasure.

Team C: Archivists. The Archiving Team index the formatted stories and build/compile the code behind the archives.

At the moment, people have been doubling up on these roles and any member of NS staff was always at liberty to request stories on behalf of everyone, but when uni or full time work struck -- and it inevitably does for everyone -- well, we thank you for your patience.

Now that I've ranted about my dream of efficiency and delegation, I'll get back to multi-tasking.

If you have a story on the site that has not been updated, please send the updated chapters to k(at)noiresensus(dot)com by Saturday evening (AustEST).
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[Support] Broken Links to the Tekken Pairing Archives

Okay. Since so many people are reporting this particular set of broken links (which as always, I thank you kindly for – keep telling me what’s not working!) I thought I’d just post here in case people were wondering what was going on.

First of all:

Yes, all the links from the SFA (a.k.a. the Bookshelf) Pairing Index to the Tekken Pairing Archives are broken.

There is a reason:

For the last update I redeveloped how the Tekken archive was structured (similar to what I’ve done with the FF8 and FF7 sections), which also required changing some file names. These new files were meant to go up in the last update – but because K wasn’t ready with the new fics yet (as you may have noticed, the Tekken section was the only one not updated last December), they were never uploaded to the server. BUT – the SFA is still pointing to the new files.

That’s why all the links are broken.

The work around!

All the links inside the Tekken archive are still working, so if you go directly to the Dojo: the Chronicles [the Tekken fanfiction archive], you can access everything without problem. For instance, the link above to the Tekken Pairing index works! Otherwise, if you still prefer to use the SFA’s links, change the very beginning of the file name from
pair_[the pairing you picked].html
tek_[the pairing you picked].html

At the moment, I'm trying to fix some things that I'm not happy with in the archive, and hopefully the new archive with the correct links will be available soon. I'll post here again when that happens.

Hope that helps, and clears up any questions people have. If not - comment! ^_^

--- Mage
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[!] The forums are dead; long live the forums!

As some of you might already be aware, the forums have been offline for a week or so. The forum support software has been moved off the server and is unlikely to return, since it presents a viable security risk to the server itself.

The timing is good, however, since this presents everyone with an excuse to use the livejournal community explicitly rather than jumping between two/three places for submission.

So, the forums are dead; long live the forums! Please let your friends know to use this community if they're still intent on submission, sharing fanwork and discussion.

If you submitted any work through the forums in the last few months (let's be safe and say the last 3-6 months), please re-submit them either to 'submissions(at)noiresensus(dot)com' or as a new entry to this community.

The Management (K)
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[!] Call for fic updates and submissions!

Long entry, ahoy! Please bear with ^-^;

By my best guesstimate it's been about 5 months since we last updated.

In order to break our 6-monthly update trend, NS will be uploading a fresh update within the next fortnight!

We want to thank everyone who has been submitting their work through the "dry season" and endured our delays, you've all been great! Now we want to give people the opportunity to be part of our upcoming update: send us updates of your progressive work (WIPs), or entirely new stories altogether -- we want to see everything!

New Fanart Feature!
Earlier tonight Mage went back and corrected the efforts of my early-archival syndrome ie. the first time I tried formatting and archiving a large epic that incorporated images, it looked passable... until we found four years later that the entire thing was broken and the code was an eye-sore like blah. In retrospect, I don't know how anyone let me get away with it. I'm so sorry, Jeremy! ;_;

This is how we've now incorporated fanart into the original story:
» 'Pupu's Saga', Chapter 5 by Jeremy Chapter (par example)

Do you, reader, writer or artist have fanart you've made, or been given, for a story you love or wrote? Would you like to see it featured alongside the story you admire? Do you alternatively have fanart for the many fandoms we host, though not based around a specific story? Send it to us! We've recently added a fanart gallery to the Sensus Image Archives where fanart can be collected and viewed by anyone.

NOTE: Unless your fanart was already inserted by the author themself, your fanart can only be added within the fanfic if you have written permission from them. However, with or without their permission, all fanart will be added to our fanart gallery!

You can submit through the NS submissions email --> submissions @ noiresensus.com (remove the spaces)
We'd like to remind new or prospective authors that for fanfic updates, you must still follow the submission guidelines cited here: http://noiresensus.com/infodir/submissions.html

Fanart submissions can be made either through email or the Community. Please keep all images behind a cut with details before the cut of the author and story (if applicable). :]

(See comments to this entry for details on RATINGS)

Though, I think if you're reading this it'll be much easier for you to submit through the Community. Copy, paste, fill out form and -- yes, we're done!! Whee! ^-^

(Apologies if you get this twice, I'll be posting to the NS Update ML as well)
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[!] New Guestbook

Thanks to braken's hard work the new guestbook is now up and running on the site. The old guestbook is still accessible from the new guestbook page. Many, many thanks to braken for getting the thing to work :)

In other news, we're slowly working on the site update (motivation definitely needs an 'on' switch). Things - keep coming up. Like long lost friends suddenly popping back into town and trying to catch up on all the anime that's been sitting idle while uni was on. And Tekken 5. Cannot forget Tekken 5... But! I have finished rebuilding the Chronicles, so I have done something these holidays...
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Suggestions and Feedback Session

Firstly, to all who have offered their services as betas, we can't thank you enough! As of the moment I still need to email everyone in order to clarify some final things, so I can coordinate with the team as a whole. I'm hoping to get onto this very soon -- it really shouldn't take long, but I sound like a fish after handing in assessment. As much fun as it'd be for you guys to translate my bubbles, it'd help everyone in the long term if I can determine the way this is going to work and notify the appropriate people in one stream.

Secondly, orders! We'd like you to tell us what you want to see in the next update. If there is certain section of a subarchive that you've been waiting to be completed, some questions you need answering that can be placed in the FAQ, or any elements that you'd like us to touch on -- place your reqests. Please give us any suggestions you'd like to see addressed.

At the moment there are a number of sections in the subarchives that have been developed, but not completed. For instance, the Guardian Force (GF) profiles in the Garden, or every section in the DOJO that is not the fanfiction archive.

On the topic of the DOJO, I've been debating for a long time whether to reduce the sections proposed, so the DOJO will only consist of fanfiction (the Chronicles), a recall of the storyline, and character profiles (Vital Statistics). Perhaps not even character profiles, given how many characters there are within this fighting game series. If I only selected a few to build profiles for, people could accuse me of bias. I'll reaffirm now that I'm just plain lazy and will work with whom or what I'm familiar with. Ok, and sometimes there's some bias, especially if it's a character with silver/platinum blond hair (=D).

I'd really appreciate people's feedback on this. I think if I can reduce the sections I'm supposed to be developing I can also concentrate more on the core of NS; the fanfiction. And while I'm there I can give Mage a hand in the other projects, and I can coordinate tasks properly with the staff! I may be the site coordinator, but right now I'm really only coordinating myself; sleep, eat, eat, study, Gokusen, study, Gokusen, eat, sleep and so on.

I strongly encourage everyone to leave any suggestions and requests as a comment and we'll be sure to address them. Otherwise we'll assume everyone's pleased with the current state of NS -- including our six-monthly updates, mwahahaha.

On a side note, if you haven't already, go and watch the technical demo for Final Fantasy VII on the PS3 (available at GameSpot, last I knew). Cloud looks pretty good for a man who hasn't slept in years (have you hugged your mad scientist today?). Mage shared this with me some weeks ago, after which we spent most of the time reading presentation slides to understand the technical design and architecture of the PS3. I'm more enthralled at the idea of all those teraflops in my possession, than any game being released on the 2006-destined console. There was something else I was excited about, but now I've forgotten. Oh well, that'll do for now ^-^

Thanks, everyone!
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ETA: Site Status

Well, as things are going, K and I estimate we're currently about two months behind on site work...! What with June sneaking in from nowhere and catching me by surprise (still can't believe we're half way through the year), and between getting assessible items in every week and having a mini-breakdown over economics (naturally) I've had far too much on my plate lately to get anything done on the site. Well, besides attempting to knock together a more asthetically pleasing guestbook in the background every now and then. But besides that, we haven't been able to do much.

I honestly don't think either K or I will be able to do anything until at least June 25th when our exams finish. They start next week and we have exams all the way through the three weeks - so please, bear with us, we will get back to work on the site when uni just goes away. If brain-fried is a legitimate state of mind - that's where I am right now.
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[!] News :No Site Downtime

Well, it looks like the disaster's been averted - it's now Thursday over here and the site is still up - hurray! All thanks must go to Wolfie for actually getting everything sorted while I was panicking. I really don't like money matters; I become very distressed.

So the site and domain are set for another year. Can't wait for next year to go through this all over again!