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It never ends....

Noire Sensus Multifandom Community
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Welcome to the online livejournal community for Noire Sensus where the admins, authors and readers can post, inquire and discuss at their leisure anything fandom-related -- and of course to share their fanwork! Ongoing news and updates will be posted to this community. Records from before January 2005 can be found on noiresensus.

:: What is Noire Sensus? ::
Noire Sensus is a fansite with various fan media and information dedicated to a wide range of fandoms. Our largest section is the Sensus Fanfiction Archive (SFA a.k.a the Bookshelf) with slash, yaoi, yuri and general fiction from various anime, games, movies, and books (well, they're now better known for their movie adaptations). We also have other sections based around them and more: quotes, image archives, information, plus various media etc.

:: Community Rules ::
[x] This community is for fandom-related discussion and sharing; please refrain from telling us how your day was down to the shade of the sky - the community is not meant as a personal blog or dating service.
[x] You're welcome to post or plug either sites, communities or articles of interest to share with others, but please do not spam the community.
[x] If you post a fanfic or fanart to this community, the mods will automatically assume you intend it for submission to the archives.
[x] Written works must be at least 100 words long to be considered for archiving.
[x] Place pictures and stories behind lj-cuts. Information on how to use this Livejournal function is here.
[x] Be courteous i.e. avoid fandom wanking, flame wars, etc. If you have a problem with another person's post or comment that can't be curbed by diplomacy, contact one of the mods. The moderators reserve the right to expel members who ignore warnings and are out purely to cause strife.
[x] Have fun!

More questions about Noire Sensus? Visit our FAQ.

:: Submissions and Posting Guidelines ::

The Title/Subject of all fic and art posts should be of the form [FIC/ART] FANDOM : FIC/ART TITLE.

Use Tags as appropriate - the memories aren't always up to date, but tags should be. General tags to include in fic and art posts are: author: [name], fic: [fandom] OR art: [fandom], and pairings.

We take both FANFIC and FANART submissions :) Our fanfiction archive is here, and our fanart archive is here.

Posting submissions to the archive through this community are subject to the same rules and guidelines as regular story submissions. Guidelines on submissions can be found here. All stories must be put behind an lj-cut with the following form at the top of each entry, outside of the lj-cut.
» Title:
» Author: [name] & [email] & [website name & address/URL]
» Webjournal: if applicable
» Fandom: (clarified here)
» Rating: (clarified here)
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name:
» Classification(s): (clarified here)
» Warnings: if any (clarified here)
» Pairing(s):
» Author's Notes: if any
» Summary:

:: Projects for 2007 ::
[x] Magnacarta: Tears of Blood Fansite - Since Mage loves this game so much, she's going to be building a fansite primarily based around detailed information of the story and world of Magnacarta that fanfiction authors or just the generally interested may want to know. Naturally, it will also have fanfiction and the like :)
[x] Build an NS Beta Team - We are constructing a beta team that people can contact for help if they need their story beta-read. We would love, love people to contact us either through the linked post or by email (which can be found in the mod's userinfo) if they're interested in joining us and letting us know what their conditions and preferences for betaing are.
[x] Finish the Tekken Dojo

:: Noire Sensus Site Policy ::
Noire Sensus is a fansite made "by fans for fans" conglomerating quality fanworks in one easy-access archive. The works contained within this website contain elements (eg. characters) that are the copyright property of their respective companies and have been used without permission. Further, these works were not produced for profit, nor are they to be distributed for profit in the nature of monetary gain. Noire Sensus does not tolerate flagrant abuse or harassment of itself, nor any of its hostees; we encourage a critically constructive and varied environment where all our authors can share their work without fear of discrimination due to elitism or anti-sentiment. No work presented on this site is to be reproduced elsewhere without the express permission of its author(s) or artist(s).

:: Archives/Sites ::
Noire Sensus the Bookshelf | Sensus Fanfiction Archive Hithaeglir | Lord of the Rings Apocrypha | Fushigi Yuugi the Dojo | Tekken the Garden | Final Fantsy VIII Gramarye | Harry Potter Bella Donna | Pirates of the Caribbean Advent | Final Fantasy VII

This community is moderated by necromage, psuedoskribe and braken.