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[Support] Broken Links to the Tekken Pairing Archives

Okay. Since so many people are reporting this particular set of broken links (which as always, I thank you kindly for – keep telling me what’s not working!) I thought I’d just post here in case people were wondering what was going on.

First of all:

Yes, all the links from the SFA (a.k.a. the Bookshelf) Pairing Index to the Tekken Pairing Archives are broken.

There is a reason:

For the last update I redeveloped how the Tekken archive was structured (similar to what I’ve done with the FF8 and FF7 sections), which also required changing some file names. These new files were meant to go up in the last update – but because K wasn’t ready with the new fics yet (as you may have noticed, the Tekken section was the only one not updated last December), they were never uploaded to the server. BUT – the SFA is still pointing to the new files.

That’s why all the links are broken.

The work around!

All the links inside the Tekken archive are still working, so if you go directly to the Dojo: the Chronicles [the Tekken fanfiction archive], you can access everything without problem. For instance, the link above to the Tekken Pairing index works! Otherwise, if you still prefer to use the SFA’s links, change the very beginning of the file name from
pair_[the pairing you picked].html
tek_[the pairing you picked].html

At the moment, I'm trying to fix some things that I'm not happy with in the archive, and hopefully the new archive with the correct links will be available soon. I'll post here again when that happens.

Hope that helps, and clears up any questions people have. If not - comment! ^_^

--- Mage
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