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{FIC} Silence (Prologue)

I've had this pottering around in my mind for a while, mostly while trying to work through my homework and back log of other stories. Depending on how much everyone wants to see more, I might even write some more during the week. But...this is just a start (while I figure out the rest of the plot)

» Title: Silence (Prologue)
» Author: The Wandering Englishman | CJDoc8(at)AOL(dot)com | The Crystal Layer
» Webjournal: twes_muse
» Fandom: FF8
» Rating: Currently PG
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: WIP
» Classification(s): Currently none.
» Warnings: Angst
» Pairing(s): None so far.
» Author's Notes: This was inspired by Laura, in order to inspire her. :-P
» Summary: A life for a life - Just how far is someone willing to go in order to save someone who doesn't want to be saved?

He sat there on the pine bench, merely watching the lights on the green tree. Blue....Orange....Red....Blue....

He could do it for hours. Anything to forget the life he led. All the men, the women....the children that had died because of decisions he had made. He was sorry for all of them.

He sighed, as the snow began to fall lightly onto the clear panelled streets of Esthar, pulling his fur lined jacket around him. The whole world was in celebration; it was the first Christmas after the defeat of the sorceress, after all. The world was happy...but Squall found nothing to be happy about.

As he stood, he took in the whole scene around him; the tree surrounded by many Christmas well wishers who were all smiling and laughing...

...Squall had never felt so sad and alone.

Standing up, Squall thrust his hands into his pockets and began to walk aimlessly around the luminescent city.

By the time he'd found the only park within the city limits, it was dark and near freezing between the ancient trunks as he pushed deeper into their confines.

Almost tripping through the last of the brush, his breath caught in his throat as he looked out over the solid lake before him. Growing up on a beach for his entire life, Squall had never seen something so serene; so beautiful.

But then again, he recalled, it was in the silence that lay the most danger.

He thought of Trabia and the calm before the proverbial storm. Soft snowflakes falling onto thick black asphalt, awing children and adults alike in it's wonder as they followed the individual flakes to the ground.

And then the screams of both the cadets and the missiles as they connected in white hot fire, enveloping the main buildings before they even had a chance to raise the alarm. It poisoned the air with a thick plume of smoke and the smell of charred bodies across the otherwise virgin landscape.

Shaking his head, Squall pressed a gloved hand to his face, trying to fill his mind with something else, but to no avail. Pinching his nose, he swallowed the chill breeze as it blew through him, before brushing a stray lock of hair back behind his ear.

Like every good commander, he felt responsible for every life he had control over. Not just those under his command, but for everyone that he came across. He could remember clearly those faces which he condemned to death...some engulfed by flame, others screaming violently as soldiers tore through them.

He closed his eyes as he began once more his hike, trying to will away the images the flooded in his mind; but only succeeded in making it worse. His face scrunched as he continued to walk unknowingly onto the ice.

Before he realised, there was a sharp crack beneath him as he slipped into the murky, frozen water beneath the ice covered lake.


And that's that. After finishing the script I'm working on, I'll finish up the actual first chapter. Hopefully interest has been piqued enough to keep me inspired *hint hint* ;-)

See you guys again soon! Heppy reading.

Tags: author: the wandering englishman, fic: final fantasy viii (8)

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