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[ FV | Advent Children: It's Alright ]

A gift and apology for those who are so patient with us here at Noire Sensus.

necromage is rolling around on the floor trying to finish the update as I type -- maybe she thinks the carpet will absorb her stress? Everyone please send her good vibes: of the two of us she's the only one who gets worried =p

Enjoy ^-^

» Title: It's Alright | Mirrored HERE [.wmv format]
» Author: _bluebells
» Footage: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
» Soundtrack: "Alright", Tadpole
» Pairing(s): Cloud/Sephiroth, Cloud/Kadaj, mild Tifa/Cloud
» Date Completed: 4 December 2005

"Alright", Tadpole

I can see it in your face
Don't think that I don't recognise it
I was adored once too
Soon you'll be bitter and old my dear
We'll see about these feelings you have
They'll be the death of you

Needy, wanting, guilty, laden...
There ain't enough to go round in this world
It's alright…

Take a good look around my dear
You'll see what everyone can see
You've been a fool for love
Wipe off those snivelling tears
And wean yourself from this dependency
It's just not pretty
Tags: author: koorime, fmv: final fantasy vii: advent children, pairing: cloud strife/kadaj, pairing: sephiroth/cloud strife

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