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{FIC} Eventually

Heya...thought I'd just drop in a quick Fic (Well...quick to write at least.) Insomnia and an unusually excited muse are to blame for this, so forgive me if some parts aren't clear. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Have fun guys!

» Title: Eventually
» Author: The Wandering Englishman | CJDoc8(at)AOL(dot)com | The Crystal Layer
» Webjournal: twes_muse
» Fandom: FF8
» Rating: PG
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One Off
» Classification(s): Citrus - Deathfic
» Warnings: Contains some original poetry
» Pairing(s): Seifer/Squall, Selphie/Irvine
» Author's Notes: Written in an hour as a whim. Be afraid!
» Summary: Eternity is a long time to wait, but Eventually you can get what you want.

By the Wandering Englishman (021105)

When you see the sky fall over the horizon and burn
magnificent red and grey and black tarring the perfect skin
I will wait

Squall held the card tightly to his chest, afraid that it would float away at the smallest hint of the wind. He dared not look at it again, just in case the small cardboard square within his small hands was just a figment of his imagination.

The little lie you've told yourself will become reality
a dream so frequent you could reach out and touch it
I will wait

His deep blue eyes looked up at the clouds, swirling above him. Squall licked his lips, tasting the rain threatening to fall onto the beach-side field. His pale fingers flexed, tiny nails scratching at the coloured card as he searched out his hiding spot; the only place he knew of to escape his home: the place he knew he could never belong.

The heavens will openly cry in front of you in the dark
If you want it to it will even call out your name as it falls to its knees
I will wait

He stared out from the small cave hidden by the rocks from the beach, the little note slipping from his now water-numbed fingers onto the soft, sandy dust on the ground. Wiping the water from his hair, Squall knelt down and picked it up, hoping he hadn't smudged the blotchy ink that swirled on it in a note meant only for him.

If you sit there silent enough, you can hear the muted whispers of the water
lapping against the skin of the earth in a rushed gasp
I will wait

Even at the mere thought of reading the almost ancient message, the tears welled up in his eyes. Squall could remember a time, when he was still to small to read or remember the words, but could still fell them reverberating in his mind, read by someone who's face and name had been forgotten. But not the voice. His voice. It would haunt him forever.

As you sit up to watch the stars you will remember what we had
The soft winding of arms together as I pulled your heart with mine
I will wait

"I'm sorry I'm not there with you," the voice in his head began as his nimble fingers followed the words. "But when you read this, I will be gone. Don't cry for me, though, cause I'm gonna be in a better place."

When only Ice is left in a heart that should be as warm as fire
The memories of a life lost will haunt you; regret
I will wait

Squall sat on the ground, hugging his legs to his chest with one arm, while holding the smudged letter in the other. He continued reading, the soft laughter of the man filling his mind before he continued.

"You were loved, in the end. By everyone you thought ignored you. By everyone who you thought wouldn't care. But they were there for you, in the end."

When god lines us up one by one in the order of our merits
you will sit there by his right hand and hold the list for him
I will wait

"I can't help but wonder, though, who you were there for, in the end."

Squall smiled lightly at his memories, as a hand was placed on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and nuzzled into the calloused palm a moment, the faces of so many people looking over him and smiling filling his mind. As if they knew something that he didn't.

But he didn't care. Placing the note beside him, Squall lay down and closed his eyes, waiting for the world outside to stop.

When there is no more love left to give in the world that hates you
I will stand by the gates with my heart and arms open
I will wait...


"I found him!" A loud call squealed from the entrance of the cave, the small brunette looking away and down the beach t where the rest of her friends looked in vain for the person lying in front of her.

Selphie looked back in the cave, noticing for the first time the peaceful smile that brushed over her friend's cheek. She almost felt sorry that they'd have to wake him so soon.

"Is he alright?" The southern voice of her Cowboy boyfriend asked, as he approached the cave, followed by both Rinoa and Quistis.

"I think he's asleep." She whispered, finally, wrapping a small arm around the Auburn-haired man's waist. His lavender eyes scanned over the motionless body in the darkness for a moment before stepping forward.

Irvine leaned down next to the leather-clad youth and pressed a hand against the thin, pale neck of his commander.

"Ahh, Darlin'?" He whispered, looking up at the bouncing SeeD before him. She looked, grinning widely for a moment before seeing the serious look on the gunslinger's face.


Irvine licked his lips, nodding slowly before standing. Sunrise began to break.

Quistis was the first to reach the two lovers, complaining softly about the damp sea air damaging her hair before realising that they were silent.

"What's wrong?"

The two looked at their commander with a sad frown, causing the elegant blonde to do likewise. Even as the light passed from orange to yellow on the horizon, the blue on Squall's lips was unmistakeable.

"He's been...gone...since last night" the cowboy whispered, causing Selphie to grip him tighter in an effort not to spill the tears that threatened her composure.

"Do you think he knew?" the petit brunette asked, out of the blue, managing to gain the attention of the now acting headmaster. Irvine kissed the top of Selphie's hair.

"He would have, sweetie. I'm sure of it."

Looking back down at the body, Quistis scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. In his stiff, pale hand was a bright piece of cardboard covered in black handwriting. Kneeling, she took the piece of paper from her commander and examined it.

"What is it?" Rinoa asked from behind the two SeeD, entering the cave solemnly.

"It's a letter...looks pretty old."

"Who's it from?"

"...Seifer," Quistis answered reluctantly, instantly knowing what the others were about to ask. "It looks pretty personal."

"Read it anyway, Quis." Irvine asked, knowing that no one here would rest well until they had the whole story.


I had a home once.
Here among the stones and stars
and in your arms.

The soft whispers during a storm;
the want of warmth and comfort:

In your eyes a million stories waged
fighting for dominance in the grey
I only saw one

but when I left
A part of you fell into the void
the part I loved.

When you came back into my life there was nothing left
no recognition, only the hate and want of someone lost.

But I will wait
I know you have a strong heart: the heart of a lion
And it pleads to Hyne to be free.

There's so many
so many, many ways that I wished I could tell you
About all the things I wished I'd have said

What if; How come; eventually...
Eventually you'll come back to me.
And I'll make it up to you.

All I have to do is wait.
And I will wait
Because a love like this is worth waiting for.

You will find me and take my hand
And hold me until eternity ends
I will wait...

for you.


He looked up from the flower he had been staring at forever. Sitting here under the sun, he had lost all track of time.

He jumped visibly as a hand rested on his shoulder, causing the young man to look towards the sky, only the shadow of a head prevented the sun from burning in his eyes.

"You came..." He said after a moment of simply staring into the deep ocean blue that stared down at him.

"You knew I would, eventually..."

"I waited so long..."

The blonde stood from the soft grass, dusting himself off before looking at the slightly shorter brunette before him.

"You can't be real, Squall."

"Why not?" The swift, yet confused reply came.

"If you're here, you've let go..."

The SeeD shrugged, placing a hand on his hip. "And if I have?"

"I said goodbye to you on that beach...I...you don't belong here."

"You told me once when I was a child," Squall began, grabbing a hold of the larger gunblader's hand, "that you lost the part of me you loved."

Seifer sniffed a moment, closing his eyes and chewing on his lower lip, unable to believe that this was really happening.

"I knew you were gone the moment I got that part back." he finished, smiling. And Hyne, did he smile. "I love you, Seifer, and...I need to know...do you? Can you, for eternity?"

Seifer smirked, pulling the lithe youth towards him before kissing him. Almost immediately, Squall wrapped his arms around the tall blonde, thanking whatever forces worked his fate to lead him back here.


I apologise for the un-beta'd nature of the story. It was more a whim than anything. Hope you guys enjoy :-)
Tags: author: the wandering englishman, fic: final fantasy viii (8), pairing: irvine kinneas/selphie tilmitt, pairing: seifer almasy/squall leonhart

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