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[!] Demo Fic Post

Hi everyone!

I'm just here to perform a demonstration of a fic post, so others who might want to do the same know the procedure. The following fic is the product of sleepless sillyness. Pretend Miharu came to Tekken 5 and that Asuka already knows Jin's a pervert, but didn't have to win the tournament to gain such knowledge. If you haven't played Asuka's story mode yet you can just ignore that last line.

EDIT :: If you posted the story on your own journal, you can link to it directly, but ensure you include the standard NS Submission header form. Remember: all fiction posted to this community is considered for submission into the archives.


» Title: T-Minus....
» Author: K | k@noiresensus.com | http://www.noiresensus.com
» Webjournal: psuedoskribe
» Fandom: Tekken 5
» Rating: PG
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One-off
» Classification(s): Humour Drabble
» Warnings: Mild alcohol use
» Pairing(s): Alluded Jin/Xiaoyu, Jin/Hwoarang
» Author's Notes: Never play truth or dare and stay away from devils, kids. Especially ones with a metrosexual hairstyle.
» Summary: Jin's an all around nice guy, but Miharu's a slot machine of scandals.

T-Minus.... [PG]

Up to this point, all testimonies on the character of Kazama Jin had one common remark: if you could get a word out of him outside the arena, he was a pretty nice guy. And thanks to one Hirano Miharu post-nine rounds of hard saki, every conscious participant in the Iron Fist Tournament as of 11:42 on the ninth night of the tournament could attest something else. The tall, dark and handsome heir to the Mishima bloodline -- single at twenty-three with a physique that would rival most Olympians... was also a virgin.

Their company of five thought this was the funniest -- and most unbelievable -- thing they'd heard all night. Sulking in her seat, Xiaoyu vowed Miharu would never be a partner in gossip if booze was on the schedule. Her breath caught in her throat when Jin's figure emerged from the building. He made his way to rejoin them on the patio and Xiaoyu felt her cheeks flush.

Someone was going to get hurt and she really, really hoped their years of solid friendship would outweigh everything else in the end. Actually, they had only met nine months before Jin disappeared after the third tournament -- but they'd kept in touch! ... Well, she'd written to him many times and gotten one response. One unsigned response, but she immediately recognised the author. Of course, Jin would forgive her for discerning the information in the first place. And divulging to a drunken chatterbox. Of course.

Xiaoyu sank deeper into her chair.

Jin took his seat adjacent to her and didn't seem to notice the wide grins that formed among their company. He took a sip from a bottle that, judging by the alcohol label, had a content level of minus five percent. At the other end of an adjoined round table, Kazama Asuka looked like someone had handed her the Zaibatsu itself on a silver platter.

"Hey," she called, leaning across the table. "You're up, Kazama." She raised her fist and waited.

The bottle stopped a fraction from Jin's lips. He looked from Asuka's triumphant smirk to Xiaoyu curled in her chair. A dark eyebrow raised in question. Pained, Xiaoyu mouthed "Jan Ken Po" and watched with a growing wince as Jin shrugged, raised a hand and played right into Asuka's hand.

Twirling fingers in her hair, Miharu made a swift snipping motion and winked at the brunette.

"Jan... "

Xiaoyu was starting to feel ill.

"Ken.... "

Maybe she was small enough to slither away without being noticed?


Scissors win. Jin had a bad habit of always playing paper first.

A staple gun. Yes, she would find a staple gun and make sure Miharu would never leak secrets again. Then break all her fingers so she couldn't write! She might also have to disable her arms in case Miharu knew sign language. Xiaoyu paused, considering the possibility.

She snapped back to attention as Jin reclined in his chair, nonchalant of his loss. Asuka exchanged a smug look with Hwoarang at her left.

Asuka hummed thoughtfully, her voice like silk. "So, tell us about your first time, Kazama. How long has it been?"

Jin was twice deprived of his drink in less than a minute. The bottle settled lightly on the table and he stared at the interviewer for some long moments, expressionless. This is Kazama Jin language for shock. Xiaoyu felt her face heat again when those dark eyes slowly shifted to her. Steve Fox chuckled and enjoyed her discomfort from a safe distance with Miharu slumped firmly between them.

"It's truth or truth, Kazama-kun," Miharu offered, looking for all the world as kind and unassuming as the pebble Xiaoyu was grinding under foot.

"It's truth," Jin repeated. Completely nonplussed.

Asuka's eyes glittered. "How long?"

Xiaoyu couldn't stand it. "Alright, don't tease him! Haru-chan as soon as we get back to our room, I swear -- "

"Hmm.... " Jin was looking at his watch. His lips pressed lightly into a line. "Thirty-five minutes.... "

Xiaoyu gaped. There was a stunned silence.

Jin shrugged. "Something like that. From the looks of things he doesn't even remember my face."

Something like an involuntary laugh escaped Asuka. Miharu was confused. Hwoarang and Steve glanced at each other and Xiaoyu finally found her voice.

"W... Wha -- he? He?! Who?! How?!" She half-rose in her chair, but stayed in her seat at the last moment.

Jin finished his drink in hand and studied the night sky through gold-tinted sunglasses. "Well, he was blond.... "

Miharu's brain only then finished processing. "He?"

All eyes turned to the blond at the table.

Steve met their looks evenly. "What? It wasn't me."

Hwoarang was clearly annoyed. "Where the hell were you thirty five minutes ago?"

"Thirty five and a half," Asuka purred teasingly.

Steve at first bewildered, was then defensive. "It wasn't me!"

Hwoarang pounded his fist on the table. "How many blonds are at this tournament? No more than five, right?"

Asuka raised a pair of fingers to his eye. "That's blond men, not counting the seven-foot hulk with arm cannons."

Steve glanced sidelong at Xiaoyu who was visibly vexed. "That giant was probably a machine."

Asuka smiled. "I'm sure he is."

"Is that legal?" Miharu pushed an empty bottle aside and reached for another in front of Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu had long disregarded subtleties. "Who's the other man?"

"Xiao," Miharu placated, her words slurring around the edges. "When he calls Jin for a second date, we'll find out."

Hwoarang and Xiaoyu turned on her. "Date?!"

Jin's mind was somewhere far away and he didn't seem to notice the commotion, casually waving down a waiter and ordering another drink. He didn't have to wait long. He scrutinised the bottle for a while. When he determined it was indeed the right one it was finally opened and he tuned back into the conversation.

"... But he's old enough to be his father!" The outburst had come from Miharu, drowning in a fit of giggles. Xiaoyu was prepared to mangle her indefinitely.

Jin sighed and drained half the bottle. "He might not have been blond."

A brief pause.

"How do you forget in half an hour what they looked like?" Hwoarang demanded hotly.

Jin rolled his jaw, there was an ache at the back joint there. "*He* had light hair. It's rude to stare, Hwoarang."

Asuka's eyes glittered. She leaned her chin in hand. "Settle down, you're giving Xiaoyu competition."

Hwoarang glared. "My rival just banged some oldie in the alleyway! I've gotta set this straight. D'you have any idea how bad I'll look if -- "

Miharu's voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper as she leaned towards Steve. "So, Jin likes older blond men?"

Xiaoyu stared at Hwoarang with a sudden realisation. "You're jealous!"

"And you're whining because it wasn't you!" He countered easily.

For a moment, Steve watched the others argue ceaselessly. Jin hardly seemed to be paying attention and was gazing forlornly into his again empty bottle. Asuka was reaping the entertainment for all it was worth, nearly red trying to contain her laughter and Miharu, droopy-eyed, was slowly slipping into Steve's chair.

It was time to leave.

Just as Steve excused himself, there was an eruption of disbelief at his back.

“A suit and light hair?” Hwoarang was shouting. Disbelief quickly twisted into ire. “Kazama, for your own good, you’d better be lying…. !”

Jin’s drawl was indifferent. “Of course I’m lying. Didn’t Xiaoyu tell you the truth?”

Steve sighed. Two months later and nothing had changed.
Tags: author: koorime, fic: tekken, help: posting demo, pairing: jin kazama/hwoarang, pairing: jin kazama/xiaoyu
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