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Transformers :: Prime for President

psuedoskribe in _noiresensus

Suggestions and Feedback Session

Firstly, to all who have offered their services as betas, we can't thank you enough! As of the moment I still need to email everyone in order to clarify some final things, so I can coordinate with the team as a whole. I'm hoping to get onto this very soon -- it really shouldn't take long, but I sound like a fish after handing in assessment. As much fun as it'd be for you guys to translate my bubbles, it'd help everyone in the long term if I can determine the way this is going to work and notify the appropriate people in one stream.

Secondly, orders! We'd like you to tell us what you want to see in the next update. If there is certain section of a subarchive that you've been waiting to be completed, some questions you need answering that can be placed in the FAQ, or any elements that you'd like us to touch on -- place your reqests. Please give us any suggestions you'd like to see addressed.

At the moment there are a number of sections in the subarchives that have been developed, but not completed. For instance, the Guardian Force (GF) profiles in the Garden, or every section in the DOJO that is not the fanfiction archive.

On the topic of the DOJO, I've been debating for a long time whether to reduce the sections proposed, so the DOJO will only consist of fanfiction (the Chronicles), a recall of the storyline, and character profiles (Vital Statistics). Perhaps not even character profiles, given how many characters there are within this fighting game series. If I only selected a few to build profiles for, people could accuse me of bias. I'll reaffirm now that I'm just plain lazy and will work with whom or what I'm familiar with. Ok, and sometimes there's some bias, especially if it's a character with silver/platinum blond hair (=D).

I'd really appreciate people's feedback on this. I think if I can reduce the sections I'm supposed to be developing I can also concentrate more on the core of NS; the fanfiction. And while I'm there I can give Mage a hand in the other projects, and I can coordinate tasks properly with the staff! I may be the site coordinator, but right now I'm really only coordinating myself; sleep, eat, eat, study, Gokusen, study, Gokusen, eat, sleep and so on.

I strongly encourage everyone to leave any suggestions and requests as a comment and we'll be sure to address them. Otherwise we'll assume everyone's pleased with the current state of NS -- including our six-monthly updates, mwahahaha.

On a side note, if you haven't already, go and watch the technical demo for Final Fantasy VII on the PS3 (available at GameSpot, last I knew). Cloud looks pretty good for a man who hasn't slept in years (have you hugged your mad scientist today?). Mage shared this with me some weeks ago, after which we spent most of the time reading presentation slides to understand the technical design and architecture of the PS3. I'm more enthralled at the idea of all those teraflops in my possession, than any game being released on the 2006-destined console. There was something else I was excited about, but now I've forgotten. Oh well, that'll do for now ^-^

Thanks, everyone!


On the subject of the Dojo, I think it would be alright if you dropped the character profiles; there are so many places out there were you can find them, like the Tekken Zaibatsu, so if you really want them, but don't have the time to make them, just link to some other site. Same thing with the storyline, really; let other sites take care of it. Noire Sensus is a fanfiction archive, is it not? As long as the Chronicles stay, I think the fans will be happy. ;P

February 2014



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