Oberin Hilexander (gargoule) wrote in _noiresensus,
Oberin Hilexander

Candy Cane

Title: Candy Cane
Characters/Pairings: Seifer/Squall
Rating: R
Word Count: 118.
Series: FFVIII
Author's Notes: It was put into a card for yule.

He couldn’t tell which way was which or even if he was standing anymore. The Commander packed quite a kiss.
Now that the cat calls and whistles were done, all that was left was a snickering Selphie leaning against the wall.
“You’ve been standing there for almost five minutes.”
“Have not.”
“You have. Does he really have that much of a kiss?”
He flipped the perky brunette off and headed for the washroom and overheard a comment about having to relax a too hard candy cane.
Door firmly closed, the blonde sighed.
“Let’s fix that candy cane.” Squall smirked.

Seifer froze at the voice or maybe it was at the words coming from that very sexy mouth.
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