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[Fic] [Art] FFVII / Crisis Core - Cross The Rubicon

Title: Cross The Rubicon
Author: Karadin - contact via livejournal
Website: http://karadin.com
Fandom: FFVII / Crisis Core
Rating: NC-17
On Going (WIP)/One-off=: 2 Chapters, Chapter 1 COMPLETE (can be read as stand-alone)
Classification: LEMON
Warnings: YAOI
Pairing: Genesis/Zack
Summary: A heartbroken Corporal Fair finds consolation with a surprisingly romantic General.

Disclaimer characters and world intellectual property Square Enix
The author accepts no remuneration for this work of fiction
Illustrations Karadin copyright 2008 all rights reserved

Third Class SOLDIER Zack Fair had never visited the First Class floor, much less a General's private quarters before. He shuffled his feet out of guest slippers to let his bare toes sink into the deep carpet with a sigh. Perhaps if more of the lower Classes were allowed to see the privileges of rank - a six room suite in ShinRa Tower, high enough so the constant miasma of pollution over Midgar never reached the windows - they would grumble less over the constant drills and exercises.

But Zack never complained, his goal was to be First Class, and not only for a swank apartment. The young man crossed the room, maneuvering around a glass coffee table to sit on a cushioned leather couch. The walls were painted a deep dark blue, offsetting the chestnut color of the wood in the floor to ceiling shelving and trim, probably imported and expensive, Zack thought.

Of course the living room of this First Class was full of books, though some of the titles surprised him, science periodicals and botany textbooks beside the weapons manuals and military histories. There were plants everywhere, in pots on almost every flat surface, a few hanging from wires, an apple tree in a tub in the dining room with the large window, through which Zack could see reactor three out glow the sunset.

The kitchen had stainless steel appliances and counter-tops, and while spotlessly clean, had a well-used look, a kettle on the stove, and tea cups in the sink. There were utensils in a jar like those Zack recalled from home, but not being a cook, he did not know what they would be used for.

It was all a far cry from the cramped, shared confines of the Third Class Barracks on the 49th Floor, where if Zack missed a meal in the SOLDIERS Mess, he might brave the dark recesses of the closet-sized Company B kitchen. The young man suppressed a shudder at the thought of eating something that issued from the depths of the communal microwave, relishing the idea as much as a pizza cooked up in Hojo's laboratory, when the sound of a door opening caught his attention.

The man who had allowed Zack access to this First Class apartment walked into the living room dressed in his signature color, albeit in a long red silk robe instead of his leather uniform duster.

Zack had a few moments to admire the General's long legs as he walked across the room to hand him a wineglass filled with a dark red liquid. For a man well over six feet in height and broad-shouldered, Genesis Rhapsodos was remarkably slender, with a trim waist the socialites of Midgar would rip out throats for.

As the General sat down on the couch, crossing his legs at the knee so the robe opened to reveal powerful golden thighs, Zack took a gulp of his wine to ease his suddenly parched throat.

Genesis chuckled, his deep voice belying the androgyny of his features.

"That is one of Northern Mideel's finest vintages, Zack; it shouldn't be drained like a bottle of Banora Hard Cider."

Zack nodded, as he gasped for breath "Mm, it's good, I just really needed a drink."

It was said by many in ShinRa that Genesis' beauty was best appreciated in photographs - being still and silent - as General Rhapsodos was known for being eloquent, opinionated and having a hell of a temper to go with his red hair.

In SOLDIER recruiting posters dramatic images displayed the Red General's fighting skills, but the camera worshiped his high cheekbones, long almond-shaped eyes with their mako glow a lighter greener shade than was usual in SOLDIER blue, and most famously, the General's lips, full and pink, their sensuous curves offset by the strength of his jaw line.

But Zack admitted, with the legend close enough for study - not in battle fury or impatience at the incompetence of 'certain' Third Class SOLDIERS in sorties - watching his mouth spread in a slow-as-honey smile or his eyes light with amusement when his guest inched over so that their thighs brushed, Genesis was nothing short of heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

The fact that he was in something of a relationship with the General still astonished Zack, as they had not met under the most auspicious of circumstances.

Three weeks ago, after an argument with his mentor - another First Class - Zack had found himself in an Upper Plate hotel bar nursing one wounded ego, one bruised heart and three Quake Cocktails, which subsequently led to propositioning the man sitting at the other end of the bar.

Whatever was in the green drinks Genesis had been imbibing, like water to a man abandoned in the Corel desert, led him to accept Zack's pick-up line, followed by a fantastic make-out session in a ShinRa jeep.

To Zack's relief, the morning after had not been awkward, both men returned to duty and their roles as Officer and subordinate. When Corporal Fair approached General Rhapsodos in strictest confidence for another meeting, he was not repulsed.

The extent of Zack's sexual experience was discovered by Genesis in the heat of another encounter in the back seat of the jeep. As the General's hand slid down Zack’s spine and under his fatigues to insinuate themselves between his buttocks, Zack yelped, his head hitting the roof of the vehicle, which set off the car alarm and made Genesis dissolve into a heretofore uncharacteristic giggle fit.

When Zack attempted to exit the jeep with his trousers around his ankles, Genesis pulled the young man back into his arms with an apology, stroking the SOLDIER'S spiky hair as best he could.

Zack allowed his head to lie on the General's broad chest as the blush on his face cooled.

"Not all men like it," Genesis said.

Zack shook his head without lifting it. "I'm still kind of new to this. I never thought about shoving my dick up another guy’s ass or having one shoved into mine before coming to Midgar." His tone became vehement, " ... but I'd rather get off with a guy than visit the SOLDIER brothel!"

"The SOLDIERS enhanced to fight our adversaries are also a danger to the civilian population," Genesis replied, "I am told the women recruited on behalf of the War Effort have the finest in medical treatment and are compensated for the loss of the ability to bear children." Genesis' fingers traced the young man's jaw. "I've never been more grateful to prefer the company of men."

"One day, a long, long time from now," Zack said, "when I've become a Hero, I'll retire with my fabulous amounts of gil and have the SOLDIER process reversed. Then I'll marry the most beautiful girl on the planet and we'll make lots and lots of babies."

Genesis expression was thoughtful as he dropped his hand to his side.

"That sounds idyllic, Corporal Fair. Your dream girl would not happen to have red hair, would she?

"Huh?" Zack asked.

"I admire your ability to make do in trying circumstances."

By Genesis's cool tone and demeanor, Zack gathered his remarks had displeased the General, after a moment's consideration, his eyes went wide.

He put his arms around Genesis' shoulders. "I'm not just killing time with you, if that's what you're thinking. I'm finding all about life outside of Gongaga and after being in SOLDIER, I can tell you I fully appreciate male beauty in all its forms."

Zack waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and leaned forward to press his body against Genesis, proof in the form of his renewed erection against the General's thigh. "I like all sorts of guys."

"All sorts of guys," Genesis' smirk eased Zack's apprehension. "Would they include the Great Sephiroth?"

"The Silver General?" Not expecting to hear this name, Zack felt as if he had dodged a Bolt Three, "... you'd have to be dead not to want to hit that!" He laughed a little nervously. "Don't you think all that hair would get in the way?"

"I think you'd have to put up with it," Genesis kissed Zack softly on the lips. "Despite your new found appreciation for men, you have yet to fuck or be fucked by a man, or are you saving yourself for that special someone?"

For all his attempts to be worldly-wise, Zack blushed at the question.

Genesis lifted the young man’s sword hand to brush his lips lightly across the reddened knuckles.

"Would you allow me that honor, Zachary Fair?"

In the time it took to take a deep breath and blink his eyes, Zack made his decision.

And so, the cramped back seat was exchanged for a luxury apartment and this evening's romantic setting; candles waiting to be lit, wine and what Zack suspected was a box of chocolate sitting on the coffee table, even a black silk robe tossed across a chair for him to wear if he chose.

"Can I have another glass of wine?"

As Genesis leaned forward to grasp the bottle, the robe slipped from his left shoulder Zack was delighted, whether this display was choreographed or a happy accident. He forced himself to slowly sample the rich taste of the wine; certain every sign of his arousal, his pounding heart, the rise in his body temperature and the scent of his own musk laced with mako was quite clear to the enhanced senses of the First Class beside him.

Genesis laid his arm along the back of the couch and Zack's shoulders, and Zack was quick to press against him, eager and responsive. The young man had dressed in old jeans that were clean and buttery soft, a new white tee shirt and a black leather jacket.

Genesis, pleased that Zack had taken an effort with his appearance, let his fingers play with the silver chain of Zack's dog tags.

"Comfortable? You've had dinner?" he asked.

When Zack nodded, the General took his wine glass away, setting it on the table and lifting up the paperboard box on the table.

"Now it's time for dessert." Genesis lifted the lid.

"Chocolate covered cherries?" Zack said breathlessly as Genesis brought a sweet up to his voluptuous mouth and wrapped his lips around it before sucking it in whole, biting down on the candy, but not before some of the cordial center dripped out to gloss his lower lip.

"I thought they were appropriate," Genesis remarked, touching the stickiness of his mouth with his fingertips, but Zack was grinning as he leaned forward and Genesis allowed him to taste the candy on his lips.

After kissing Genesis, Zack reached over to the box to pop a cherry in his mouth, humming at the taste of the rich dark chocolate.

"Don't bite it," Genesis admonished, and moved to sit in Zack's lap, much to the young man's astonishment. He took Zack's face in both of his hands and kissed him again, this time opening his mouth so he could open Zack's mouth and roll the now denuded cherry on his tongue.

Zack knew he was good at kissing, but as with his swordplay, Genesis could best him easily, and all Zack could do was grip Genesis' shoulders as he let the man ravish his mouth.

Genesis bit the cherry to release it's sweet stickiness and slick both their tongues, and lips and chins, which Zack decided was messy, in a good way.

Zack's glance dropped from the General's neck to his broad chest with its bronze nipples, as with Zack himself, SOLDIER treatments had left Genesis devoid of body hair.

Lifting his hand Zack followed the chiseled definition of Genesis' abdominal muscles with his fingertips, stopping just above the sharp angles of his hips, where the red robe had gathered. The battle scars he discovered doing nothing to mar the General's perfection.

As Zack caressed all the golden skin he could reach, Genesis snatched a chocolate cherry from the box, eating it quickly before it could be shared.

"Greedy," Zack said, and Genesis replied with a grin.

Yet when Zack leaned forward to remove his jacket, Genesis frowned, pushing the young man back against the couch, straightening his collar. "Don't rush, we've had our dirty slutty encounters."

"We have?"

"Yes, we have," Genesis stated emphatically.

Zack - pouting at the thought of no further reconnoitering in the back seat of the General's jeep - noticed that Genesis was holding the belt of his robe in his hands.

With Zack's attention caught, Genesis slowly untied the belt, letting the silk tie slither to the floor to tickle Zack's bare feet.

"We are going to take the time to touch and taste and savor each other."

Genesis leaned in and Zack closed his eyes, catching the spicy scent of the General's cologne, he wound his arms around Genesis' waist, sighing deeply, the body in his arms so warm, the flesh so smooth and firm and bare, and as Zack slid his hands down further he found nothing but more and more of the same.

Zack's eyes popped open to find the General's robe now draped over the coffee table, tossed as to not tip the wine glasses or land on the chocolate box.

And Genesis was draped nude on top of Zack, forcing him to exhale as he pressed forward, pulling down the collar of Zack's jacket so that his lips could fasten to and suck upon the young man’s neck.

Zack groaned, loudly, embarrassing himself and causing Genesis to sit up and flip the bright auburn hair out of his eyes.

"I can only really get off when I'm naked. I'd be naked all day if I could."

Zack looking dazed, cupped himself in an attempt to ease the erection straining the button fly of his jeans.

"If you did that, we'd take Wutai in a bloodless coup."

Genesis considered this, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Perhaps with all Three Generals, and certain handpicked SOLDIERS."

He spared Zack a sly smile and settled himself firmly on Zack's lap with a small wiggle, moving the young man’s hands from his waist to his ass, making an encouraging sound when Zack squeezed.

"I want another cherry," Genesis said.

Before Zack could say or do anything, Genesis bent backward, arching his spine and hollowing his stomach until his shoulders were parallel to the tabletop where the box of chocolates sat.

Zack leaned forward, thinking to support him, but Genesis’ muscle control was exquisite, not a single tremble betrayed any stress as he lifted a chocolate from the box over his head to place it in the hollow of his collarbone, enjoying the heated look Zack sent his way. Particularly as this display brought Genesis' rampant cock to Zack's attention, the shaft gold-tinged red as Zack's breath warmed the air around it.

Lifting one eyebrow, Genesis remarked, "Don't get any ideas while you're down there."

Recognizing a challenge when he heard one, Zack clenched his hands gripping the General's buttocks.

"I won't do anything you wouldn't do."

Zack had been willing to give blow jobs as long as it was mutual and if his partner's dick was pretty enough. This part of Genesis was as beautiful as the rest of him. For the first time Zack's mouth watered at the thought of sucking someone off, dizzy at the realization it was one of ShinRa's Trinity of Generals.

Genesis put one arm against the table as a support, so that he could lift his right hand and bring the cherry to his mouth to flick at the chocolate coating with his pink tongue. Zack reached up to gently pull down the foreskin of Genesis' cock, revealing the gleaming head before making a corresponding movement with his tongue against it.

Zack watched Genesis for cues, licking slower or faster depending on his General's movements, delving into the slit at the top with his tongue, tasting bitter and salt and chocolate covered cherries. Zack did not have to mimic Genesis' soft murmurs of pleasure, aching for Genesis to swallow the candy whole.

When Genesis bit the cherry in half, Zack was disgruntled enough to nip the head of Genesis' cock gently with his teeth in warning. "Ah, I'm gonna cream my jeans if you don't do something fast."

When Genesis nodded his head, Zack licked a parting swath with his tongue along the length of Genesis' cock as the General sat up, rolling an ache out of his shoulders.

"Trousers off."

As soon as Genesis stood Zack shed his jacket, dropping it to the floor. He removed his jeans by simply tugging on the fly, the old denim buttonholes offering no resistance as they slid from the buttons, the jeans falling from Zack's narrow hips to his feet. As he had not worn any underwear, his erect cock bobbed and he gave it a stroke by way of greeting. Genesis wasted no time in encouraging Zack to sit down onto the couch, spreading his legs wide.

"Don't you want me to take my shirt off?" Zack wondered out loud, but became distracted when Genesis cupped his balls and kneaded them gently with his right hand, holding Zack's glass of wine - which he drained - in his left.

Zack grasped the cushions to either side of him, knowing instinctively if he grabbed Genesis by his hair this would guarantee retaliation in the form of a Firaga spell for which the General was renowned.

"Don't care," Genesis said, bending to take Zack's cock inside his wet mouth.

The young man didn't know if it was the acid in the wine that made his nerves sing, or if it was the stimulation of the Red General's wicked tongue, the wine dripping past his balls into the cleft of his ass.

When he hit the soft walls of the back of Genesis' throat Zack fought to cram his fist into his mouth to keep from crying out, the muscles of his thighs beginning a tell-tale twitch.

And Genesis was watching him, his eyes gleaming mako green. He pulled his mouth off Zack's cock to circle his strong fingers at the base to keep him from coming too soon, rising up on his knees to stroke Zack's hair as he doubled over, shivering.

"Not just yet," Genesis murmured, "I want you to come inside of me."

Zack's cock jumped in Genesis' hand as the realization of what the he had said finally cleared the synapses in his brain.


Genesis kissed Zack on the mouth - allowing Zack to sample the taste of himself on his lips - and guided the young man to lie back on the couch, easing the grip he had on Zack's cock to stroke and soothe the ache, leaving the SOLDIER a gasping wreck. Then Genesis climbed up to straddle Zack's hips once more.

"I think if you are going to experience being fucked, you should try doing it yourself first. Unless you have a problem with that."

"No," Zack said, adding for emphasis, "No, Sir!"

Genesis laughed, "I shall now think of this moment every time you salute me in future." He sat on Zack's knees as he opened the packet he had palmed from under the chocolate box, deftly rolling a condom onto Zack before the young man even realized what was happening.

"'Safety first', to quote a dear friend of mine."

It might have been this remark that silenced Zack, combined with the sight of Genesis balancing himself, guiding Zack’s cock.

Zack’s fingers tightened on Genesis' hips.

"Don't you need something?"

"Already taken care of," Genesis replied, "Would watching me prepare myself excite you, Zack? ... I'll take that as a yes." He grinned at the young man's heartfelt moan. This blissful state soon became concern as Zack began to breech the General's defenses, and he almost pushed upward with his hands to stop Genesis' descent.

"Ah, it's not gonna fit!"

Genesis clucked his tongue. "Not to distress you, but I've taken larger, you just have to get past the ring of muscle, feels tight, doesn't it?"

Zack only nodded his head, loosing the capacity for speech, a state which never seemed to affect Genesis, humming as he sank further down, spreading his legs and lifting Zack's hands from his hips to lace their fingers together. "Okay so far?"

"Oh, Gaia."

Zack groaned. Genesis' thighs felt like velvet, he was hot as a mako reactor inside, and slick, the delightful pressure around Zack's cock and building in his balls was incredible, strangely akin to the feeling while Summoning.

"I am not going to lie to you Zack, this hurts like hell the first time, the first five times, just like leveling up, but when you Master this, there's nothing else like it."

Zack set his mouth in a line, firm and determined, just as Genesis seated himself fully, his cock and balls a soft intimate weight against Zack's groin.

And Zack stared, able to see quite clearly in the dusk where they were joined. Thinking it shouldn't work at all, but it did.

When Genesis leaned down to kiss Zack, tears sprang up in the young man's eyes, trapped in his long lashes.

"Why me?" he asked. "You could have anyone."

"You approached me, remember?" Genesis replied, sliding his fingers from where they caressed Zack's cheek to trap his nose, gently chiding. "And you underestimate your appeal. You've caught the eye of a First Class after all."

Zack bit his lip as he wondered if this statement had a double meaning.

Genesis sat up, encouraging Zack to lift his hands once more. "For leverage," he explained.

Zack nodded, winding their fingers taut, watching Genesis rock his hips before using his thighs to lift himself up, inch by delicious inch from Zack's cock. Then Genesis pressed down, his auburn hair colored blood red in the dusk, falling into his eyes as he grinned at Zack.

He rode Zack a few times before pausing, only the head of Zack's cock still held firm between his buttocks. Genesis shook the young man's fingers free so that he could run his hands along his own torso, now gleaming with a fine sheen of sweat, spreading his legs as far as the couch would allow.

"Now, thrust like your life depends on it."

The young SOLDIER supposed that it might, and lifted up enough to support his weight on his elbows to begin pumping his hips, grateful for practicing two hundred squats before bed each night. Genesis tossed his head back and thumbed his own nipples, moving his hips from side to side as Zack watched, slack-jawed.

The General's cock was growing harder, slapping Zack's belly as he began to press downward once more to match Zack's thrusts, but Genesis did not become rigid, and a tenuous fear began winding its way up Zack's spine, just as his balls tightened.

He was going to come before Genesis.

Zack wanted to slow down, find a way to gather himself, he reached out to grab Genesis' hip but his hand was forced away.

He gasped "Genesis," as a plea, but the Red General was in full command of the encounter, lowering his hands to pull up the white tee shirt to abrade Zack's nipples, watching with rapt attention as Zack tried to squirm away, still pumping in and out of Genesis.

"Stop," Zack gasped, "...it's too much!"

"If you can still complete your sentences, it's not enough."

Genesis pinned Zack to the couch.

Zack grabbed Genesis' forearms, howling as Genesis forcefully rocked his hips, relentlessly driving Zack toward his orgasm, the wood and metal frame of the couch squealing in protest.

Zack sobbed as he writhed, unable to decide what to push or what to pull, his body no longer his own to control, but Genesis was panting, pink tongue visible between his white teeth and this was enough to send Zack skyward, arching his back as he came, strong enough to lift himself and a startled Genesis at once, a shout torn out of his throat.

Genesis milked Zack's cock surging inside of him by clenching hard, his abdominal muscles rippling with the effort. He bent over to hold Zack's head, the SOLDIER's body twitching in the final throes.

Zack blindly grabbed at Genesis' hand and pressed it against his cheek.

When Zack was still, his glowing eyes half-lidded and his limbs sprawled, Genesis sat up. Reaching down, he grasped around the base of Zack's softening cock so the condom would not be left inside as he pulled himself off.

Zack felt utterly drained and had to resist the temptation to curl up on the sticky couch and go to sleep. He was unable to help himself, so the General removed the condom and peeled the sweaty tee shirt from his body, leaving him naked on the couch.

But he could hear movement, Genesis was somewhere in the apartment. Night had fallen over Midgar, and the room was now completely dark.

Startled when he noticed a gleam, Zack sighed when he realized it was only the General's glowing eyes, and was that exotic blue-green color, turquoise or aquamarine?

Genesis used a Firaga spell to ignite the air around his hand, holding the ball of fire, he began lighting the candles scattered around the living room. The glow gave Genesis' body the appearance of molten gold and Zack was content to lie on the couch and watch the General's unselfconscious movements.

Looking quite satisfied when he was done, Genesis approached the couch and gestured for Zack to move.

As Zack sat up, supporting himself against an armrest, Genesis set a few items down on the table, among them were large fluffy bath towels, damp washcloths and a tall glass of clear liquid. The glass he handed to Zack.

Licking his lips, Zack accepted the drink gratefully. "Is this a potion?"

Genesis chuckled as he turned to kneel in a single fluid movement to wipe the surface of the couch with a washcloth. "It's water, during strenuous activity, it's best to keep hydrated."

Zack drank his water, not knowing if he should be ogling his commanding officer, who still happened to be aroused, or avert his eyes.

Genesis handed Zack one of the washcloths, which he used to wipe his thighs and genitals, before folding it to a clean side to rub his torso.

Zack was instructed to stand on wobbly legs as Genesis scrubbed off that side of the couch, the young man drained his glass, feeling extremely inadequate; he hadn't allowed Genesis to get off, and now the man was on his knees cleaning up after them both.

"Can I help?"

Genesis gave Zack the soiled linens and instructed him to dump them in a hamper down the hallway next to the bathroom. Zack found his tee shirt inside, ready for the laundry. While he was gone, Genesis had taken one of the clean towels and spread it across the couch, so he could sit - or rather, Zack thought as he walked back into the living room to stand frozen in mid-step - pose artfully across the furniture, one leg up, his right arm behind his head.

Genesis' grin widened as he noticed Zack's spent cock twitch.

Zack sat down on the couch by the General's feet, his hands on his knees almost primly, his glance roving from Genesis face - now highly amused - to his rosy cock and back again. Genesis fingers idly played with his long silver-dagger earring.

"Can I help with that?" Zack asked, nodding downward.

Genesis, now sipping from Zack's glass of water, gestured to the tabletop, on which were a number of bottles of lubricant, a red colored box of condoms, and one of the largest dildos Zack had ever seen, black and glossy and bullet-shaped.

The General set his glass to one side. "Thank you, Zack, I would be very grateful."

Just the thought of watching Genesis use the huge dildo on himself made Zack short of breath, and he thought for a moment of picking up the object to feel it's heft, much as he would test a new weapon, but reconsidered, thinking this was possibly impolite.

Instead, Genesis instructed Zack to fetch a condom from the box and a bottle of lubricant. Zack's eyes widening when he saw the box had a ShinRa logo on it.

"Rhapsodos Red?"

Genesis chuckled behind the heel of his hand. "That was an idea of the Public Relations Department, unfortunately shot down by Executive Director Lazard. You know you've arrived when they name a condom after you. I had to confiscate the sample boxes."

Zack let out a snort, opening the box to reveal a roll of red Mylar packets with a black stylized design similar to the hilt of Genesis' unique sword. "What others did they make?"

"There was Sephiroth Silver, of which there are sadly, no souvenirs as he incinerated them with a glance, and, oh, Steel Sheaths which were of all things, blue, named of course after our own General Hewley."

Zack's eyes widened. "NO!"

"YES!" Genesis gasped, tears springing into his eyes.

Zack doubled over with laughter and when he could catch his breath, he said, "You HAVE to get me some, as blackmail material it's too good!"

"I think that's more than my life's worth," Genesis sighed.

Zack realized Genesis had chosen this particular box as a way to ease any awkwardness between them; indicative of the consideration that the legendary General had shown him in every encounter. Zack pondered this as he tore open a packet with his teeth and took out a spice-scented translucent red condom, rolling it onto the first two fingers of his dominant hand.

When Zack turned, he found Genesis had slid down the armrest so he could lift his right leg to lay it along the back of the couch, resting the foot of his opposite leg on the floor, positioning himself so he was wide open.

Zack slicked his hand with lubricant and sat on his knees between Genesis' legs, leaning forward to kiss him almost timidly.

"Genesis, I ..."

The General grimaced as Zack's fingers dove inside of him a little too forcefully. He grabbed the young man's arm, twisting his hips to re-adjust.

"Corporal, I had heard you dash in where Angeals fear to tread, but have a care!"

"Oh, sorry!" Zack quickly pulled out, which made Genesis grit his teeth.

After a shake of his head, Genesis took Zack's wrist and guided him back, unable to stay angry with the young man when he was contrite. Genesis had heard of the famous Fair 'puppy eyes' and regretted not having such a weapon in his arsenal of expressions.

Zack's fingers slowly breeched Genesis and Zack blinked as he felt the General relax around him, and not only the ring of muscle pressing his knuckles; Genesis reached out to wrap his arms around Zack's shoulders, Zack could feel his breath hot on his neck.

There was a lot to be said for going slow, Zack thought, more time to sense each reaction to his ministrations. Genesis hummed as Zack continued to press in and slide back.

"You can rotate a little, remember your target."

"The prostate thing," Zack murmured, nuzzling the line of Genesis' left collarbone. He lifted up his head and Genesis kissed him, opening Zack's mouth, drawing Zack's tongue into his own mouth to suck it, mimicking the slow steady fucking he was receiving from Zack's fingers.

Zack knew he had hit the 'spot' because Genesis' body vibrated, a hiss of breath escaping through his nose, his eyelashes fluttering against Zack's cheek and his cock now rock-hard, twitching against Zack's belly.

And Zack wanted more, wanted Genesis to come apart in his arms, for all that power and beauty to be at his command.

He took the General's hand and moved it to his cock, so he was squeezed and stroked by long agile fingers, rolling his foreskin down.

"I want you." Genesis' sword hand lifted to grip the back of Zack's neck, which made the SOLDIER whimper in his need.

Genesis lifted his leg from where it had rested along the back of the couch to wrap it over Zack's left shoulder. As Zack moved his hand up the taut muscle of the General's thigh, Genesis lifted his other leg over Zack's right shoulder.

This movement brought their bodies nearly flush, the slightest move forward on Zack's part brought the tip of his unsheathed penis up between Genesis' buttocks to nestle inside the ring of muscle.

Zack gasped, then held his breath, feeling his whole body grow taut with the need to stay utterly still.

Genesis' first reaction to the slight intrusion was to blink, and his head titled slowly to one side, his expression thoughtful.

Zack felt the strong limbs within his grasp slowly relax. Genesis was allowing Zack to decide whether or not to fuck him without protection.

It would take only one push. He could be buried in Genesis, soul deep and bare. Zack's fingers gripped Genesis' knees hard enough to turn the golden flesh red, then pale.

The women who serviced SOLDIERS suffered mako poisoning, even with potions and Cures, as their bodies showed signs of mutation they were rotated out of the ShinRa Brothel at it seemed, ever-increasing rates.

Zack was a SOLDIER and already well-modified, but Genesis was one of a handful of First Classes, one of the strongest men on the planet, there might be an unfortunate consequence for Zack, but he was a young man who took risks as routinely as some men brushed their teeth, yet he did remember everything between himself and Genesis that had led to this moment.

This was why he pressed the General’s thighs back, using this as leverage to push his body away so he could roll a condom on.

When Zack looked up after applying lubricant to his cock with slightly trembling hands, it was to see Genesis nod his head in approval, and the young man's sigh of relief was so strong, his breath ruffled his long forelocks.

As Zack shuffled forward on his knees, Genesis hooked his hands under his knees, pulling them back to his shoulders, not only showing off his flexibility, but his long cock curving toward his concave belly, the new pink of his naked balls and lower to the deeper pink between the perfect curves of his ass, it was enough to make Zack weep in gratitude.

His cock jerked as he neared Genesis, whose body heat rolled off of him in waves, Zack's hands palmed the General's buttocks and thighs reverently.

"Zack," Genesis' voice was a throaty growl.

"You're killing me," Zack whimpered, lifting Genesis by grasping his hips, manuvering for the proper angle for penetration, his rigid cock bright red in its colored condom.

"Show me," Genesis said, with his slow-honey smile, "what it means to be SOLDIER."

Zack thrust in balls-deep, so Genesis' cry was sharp in his ears, and he felt the General's spine crack against the armrest of the couch.

Genesis was warm and wet inside, so welcoming, Zack's eyes closed in bliss. He hoped he wasn't chanting 'thankyouthankyou' out loud as he began the press and pull of fucking. And Genesis, while not silent before, was certainly louder now, expressing his appreciation to Zack in breathy murmurs that sounded suspiciously like poetry.

After the first few vigorous strokes, Zack was startled when the General began to move around him, answering each thrust.

Your desire is

Zack swore when he felt Genesis' fingers rake across his shoulder blades and along his spine, deep enough to leave red trails, the man's teeth nipping at his neck between open-mouthed kisses. As they rocked together Genesis' legs slid from their high perch, sweat slick, squeezing Zack's ribcage before coming to rest on the angles of his hips.

Whether it was because this was Zack's first bout of sex with a fellow SOLDIER while completely nude, or the pale illumination of flickering candles gave it away, Zack saw that his skin and Genesis' skin was glowing a pale green.

The Gift of the Goddess

The source of ShinRa's power, the mako that ran through the veins of the planet was beginning to seep out of their pores.

Zack shuddered even as he closed his lips over his mouth, denying the insistent impulse to taste Genesis' skin. He grasped Genesis desperately, not realizing the fundamental contradiction of the gesture in the heat of the moment; the General's strength shaking his bones, shattering his nerves.

Attempting to keep the balance of their coupling on his side, Zack pressed Genesis down, moving his hands from Genesis' shoulders to grip the leather armrest of the couch. Trying to fling the damp hair out of his eyes with a shake of his head, Zack bore down with a will.

Genesis' grin had a feral edge as he slid his hands down to squeeze Zack's dimpled buttocks, canting his hips until he could feel Zack's cock scrape that particular spot inside, so he cried out, "There, just, there!" Genesis' legs opened impossibly wider.

Did he have double jointed hips? Zack wondered, which would explain certain aerial maneuvers he had seen Genesis and Sephiroth display in sparring matches. Zack locked his arms, feeling as well as hearing the leather tear under his fingers as he fucked Genesis harder, wondering if the couch itself would survive the encounter.

He imagined the walls might not remain standing, with the shaking and their ever louder cries, just the thought of the walls falling, exposing them to any passerby - where they could see Corporal Fair top a General - drove Zack mad with lust, thrusting so hard that Genesis was made momentarily speechless, the irises of his incredible eyes rolling back to show the green where white should have been.

And the General clamped around Zack like a vise, so the SOLDIER screamed through his teeth.

Genesis was twitching like a man struck by Lightning and came without any stimulation to his cock other than rubbing against Zack's belly. It seemed to Zack, Genesis wouldn't stop coming for a good long while, thick streams shooting as high as Zack's breast and over Genesis' neck, pooling between his collarbones, as he gasped.

But Zack was bent double, tears escaping his eyes with the effort not to come, please Gaia, until Genesis released his cock.

And when Genesis moaned and the inner muscles holding him tight had the slightest give, Zack pulled out, startling Genesis into opening his eyes.

Zack snapped the condom off and arched his back, the barest touch of his fingertips to his naked cock made him come, shuddering, over Genesis' thighs and belly and breast. Genesis lifted his hands, brushing his fingertips across his torso as an artist might paint a canvas, his face so beautiful in its vulnerability that Zack sobbed.

Zack dropped his body on top of Genesis, causing the General to grunt softly, they slid against each other, even as their softening cocks were raw and sensitive to the point of pain. Their thrusting, half hearted and weary, slowed at last to stillness, and Genesis combed through Zack's wild shock of hair with his fingers.

Zack hid his face in the crook of Genesis' neck for some time, unwilling to look as the General turned them to lie on their sides, Zack's back pressed on one side by the back of the couch, and all along his front by Genesis' warm and sticky body.

"All right, Zack?" Genesis asked.

Zack shook his head.

Genesis frowned a little in concern, but decided to wait the young SOLDIER out, until Zack lifted himself up on one arm and looked down at him. "Was that okay for you?"

Genesis grinned, and slapped Zack's forehead lightly with his palm in lieu of the traditional SOLDIER's KISS - a mutual ramming of foreheads - that marked victory in battle.

"First Class, all the way."

Zack beamed, even as that light slap left his senses spinning, and he wondered how much the General had truly restrained himself. But the smile slid from his face when he saw that he had torn the stuffing out of the armrest.

"I think I ruined your couch."

Genesis turned to stare, then merely shrugged his shoulders, before settling himself against Zack's side, He plucked a clean towel from the coffee table to remove a large amount of the stickiness from their bodies. Zack wriggling at the feel of the slightly rough terry cloth.

"Coming on me was truly inspired," Genesis said, the smirk on his lips a contrast to his professional tone, "... were your marks particularly good in Tactics?"

Zack was slightly taken aback by the abrupt change from ardent sex partner to ShinRa General. "I'm afraid I don't do well in classroom situations, it wasn't my grades that got me to Third. My mentor said I was exceptionally good at bashing things and leaping before looking ... but so far the bashing things has gotten me out of the troubles I seem to leap into."

Genesis wound his arms around Zack's waist to pull him close. "I'd agree with your assessment, SOLDIER." He regarded Zack for a moment through heavy lidded eyes, the glow in them almost banked.

"Stay with me, Zack."

When Zack opened his mouth, Genesis closed it again with his finger. "For the night, it's still early, there are plenty of things we can do."

"Yeah?" The young man grinned once more, "what can we do?"

"First order, shower."

Zack nodded.

"Second order, in the fridge there is a sumptuous meal of carefully chosen delicacies from each corner of the planet, each one prepared to entice the senses and heighten sexual drive," as Zack's expression clouded, Genesis chuckled.

"Or, we could have two Everything But The Chocobo Pizzas and a case of cold beer."

Zack threw his arms around Genesis to give him a tight squeeze. "You'd be the perfect boyfriend!" And when he drew back to look into the General's eyes, his own bright with hope, he ventured, "I don't suppose ..."

He didn't have to wait for Genesis to shake his head, the almost bleak expression that fled across the General's face was enough.

"Ah, yeah, I guess it wouldn't work, what with you a First and me a Third, and you a General too." He laughed dryly to himself, muttering "... think I would learn."

Zack pulled back to sit upright on the couch, putting his hands into his lap, self-consciously, even the spikes of the young SOLDIER's hair seemed to droop. But Genesis reached for Zack's arm, pulling hard to get his attention.

"Do you always give up this easily?"

Zack gaped at the raw anger he saw in Genesis' eyes, and recalled a story where the Red General had torn a steel door from its hinges like tissue paper while arguing with Young ShinRa.

Genesis sighed and loosened his grip. "Zack, as intimate as we are, you don't know me, and I'm warning you right now, don't fall for me."

"Why not?" Zack's expression betrayed his bewilderment, "you're amazing, you're gentle, and considerate, and you took the time with me when no one else would."

"No one else?" Genesis lifted his right eyebrow.

"Well, for a relation - for sex, I mean."

When Genesis continued to give him the dubious glare, Zack groaned, sorry that the sexy mood was broken, and cursed internally for once again, letting his impetuous nature get the best of him.

"Can we pretend we never started this conversation?"

Genesis draped the towel over his hips and crossed his legs, looking like he was settling in for awhile. Zack only had his hands to cover himself and glowered, the pout of his lips taking away much of the power of his glare.

"If you like, I can do all the talking," Genesis stretched his arms out along the back of the couch. "If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you I'm a sanctimonious prick, and they'd be right. I came to ShinRa from a backwater in the middle of no-where, I had to fight for everything I have. Midgar is a city that will chew you up and spit you out unless you develop some skills other than swinging a sword, it makes the monsters in the world look like cuddly Moogles in comparison and a battlefield in Wutai into a flower garden."

He reached over to grip Zack by the chin, "One thing I am not is gentle and considerate," but he allowed his touch to soften, and stroked Zack's jaw, still slightly fleshy with baby fat. "... unless it is someone I think is worth the effort, and I can number those people on one hand."

Zack shuddered, but also grasped Genesis' wrist, turning toward him. "Then ..."

Genesis silenced him effectively with a kiss. When their lips parted, he said, "I'd heard of you, Zachary Fair, and I wondered what brought such a promising Third Class to drink himself into enough of a stupor to try and pick up strange men in bars. I thought someone was taking care of you."

Zack hung his head, "I had a mentor, I don't anymore. He ... I let my feelings interfere with my training." Zack wiped his nose with the back of his hand. "... so that kind of makes things impossible."

Genesis tapped Zack on his knee, "If you are in love with someone else, you have no business offering to be in a relationship."

"Well, you seemed to care about me."

"I don't like to see fine things thrown aside, why shouldn't I dust you off and see what could be made of you? You are a courageous and beautiful young man - and when you get a little older, you are going to be absolutely stunning - if you survive this habit of leaping before you look."

This cheered Zack up a little, and he gave the General a smile.

"You'll need better pick-up lines if you ever want to win the most beautiful girl on the planet."

"I'll just use the one I used on you," Zack said, affronted by Genesis' snort of laughter. "What? It worked didn't it?"

"I don't think it will apply, do you even recall what you said?"

Zack bit his lip, "I called you gorgeous?"

Genesis had a wicked gleam in his eye as he tossed away his towel and slid down the couch to press himself against Zack, who was more than willing to be a support of any kind. Genesis leaned close to murmur in Zack's ear, his own silver dagger earring pricking the side of Zack's neck.

"You said, and I quote, "Hello, General Gorgeous, I'm Corporal Gorgeous and I'd like to serve under you."

Zack hid his burning face in his hand, but Genesis laughter - which was the same giggle Zack recalled from setting off the car alarm was infectious - and he found himself laughing along, grabbing the General and kissing him until they were wound up together once more, but rather than being heated this embrace was comfortable.

"I'm starving," Genesis said. Zack nodded emphatically.

But instead of moving immediately in the direction of the showers, or the kitchen, the Red General nuzzled his cheek with his own.

"After we eat, we are going to take a long hot bath together, and I will lay you out on the heated tiles and give you a scented oil massage, and when you are relaxed and loose, I am going to take you into the bedroom and see what you look like nude and slick on black silk sheets, and then I will take you slow, and take you fast, and then combinations of both until the sun rises over Midgar, if you want to, Zack, do you want to?"

"How about we skip the bath and the massage and go right to bed?" The young man practically bounced in Genesis' lap with enthusiasm.

"Because pain is not the best of aphrodisiacs, and if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well."

Zack got to his feet, offering his hand to Genesis. "That's what General Hewley always says." The blue in the young man's eyes seemed to fade a bit as Genesis regarded him. "See? I did learn something."

Genesis smacked Zack across the bottom with the flat of his hand.

"Hit the shower, Corporal."

Zack walked down the hall, rubbing his pink buttocks, smiling.

Genesis expression, once the young man had left the room, became closed, and his hand, reaching for his long-ago discarded robe was shaking with barely suppressed anger.

"I'll have a few choice words with Angeal Hewley, as soon as I see him."

And Genesis' glance darted to the clock on the wall.

Tags: author: karadin, fic: final fantasy vii: crisis core, pairing: genesis/zack

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