July 8th, 2008


Writing Comm on InsaneJournal.

You all know the Fandom - FFVIII. You all know the 100 word drabble. You stick them together in a blender and you get ffviii_100.*

One word to let your mind play and muse a bit of wonderous writing for us to read. The catch: has to be in 100 words.

Jump in feet first on every monday for the new word and Write until you're content or until you kill the mini plot-bunnies!!

Join us if you will for some devilish words and interesting times! See you there - ffviii_100!

and i am sorry for the x-posting. i'm just pimpin! and if it's not allowed, feel free to delete or contact me and i'll take it down! ^_^

*Community is located @ InsaneJournal.com, OpenID's can be used!