July 7th, 2008

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FIC: Reload, Chapter 1 - FFVIII

Hello again!  It has been a very, very long time since my last posted fic.  Well, trust me - that wasn't by design.  I've just started too many long fics, and then get stalled.  If you'll remember (and you probably won't), I last contributed two Snape/Harry, a Remus/Sirius, and a Jack/Will.  This goes an opposite direction. 

Irvine/Squall was my first passion, and this is the first fic I ever started.  It isn't finished, but I have a whole pile of stuff written.  Posting should continue pretty regularly, I hope.  Especially if I get feedback...

» Title: Reload
» Author: deadlybride
» Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
» Rating: NC-17 (overall)
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: WIP
» Classification(s): Drama, Action-Adventure (sort of), Romance
» Warnings: Slash/Yaoi, Graphic Sex/Violence, Non-Con, Alcohol Use
» Pairing(s): Seifer/Irvine, Squall/Irvine

Summary:  When something happens to Irvine, Squall has to find out what went wrong, and why.  The answer is something he doesn't expect.

Notes:  Obviously, I haven't even the semblance of ownership in the Square-Enix corporation, and am making no money on this fic.  More importantly, I'd like to thank the miraculous anonajn for suffering through this fic with me, as well as Scribblemoose for writing such ridiculous Irvine porn that I couldn't help but take the Sniper Slut in another direction entirely.  I don't really use a beta, so if you find a grammatical mistake please let me know.  And comment!

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