December 7th, 2006

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I have a plan!

I've realised the website needs THREE TEAMS! Action on these plans will be taken in the new year with necromage at the head of the project.

Team A: Retrieval. The Retrieval Team acquire the very meat and potatoes of the website, by requesting new stories and tracking works in progress. This team forwards the retrieved stories on to the Team B: Formatting. There would likely be sub-teams of Team A to track the numerous fandoms -- and some teams may only require a single individual -- we tried this a while back, and it didn't quite work with single individuals trying to balance site stuff with their real world commitments. The notion behind a team is to pick up the slack when another member needs off-time to address their tax returns or family reunions, etc.

Team B: Formatting. The Formatting Team weed out MS Word-HTML code, trawl through all the word documents from people who missed the request for TXT and HTML files and turn the behemoth submissions into clean, semi-XHTML compliant stories for others' reading pleasure.

Team C: Archivists. The Archiving Team index the formatted stories and build/compile the code behind the archives.

At the moment, people have been doubling up on these roles and any member of NS staff was always at liberty to request stories on behalf of everyone, but when uni or full time work struck -- and it inevitably does for everyone -- well, we thank you for your patience.

Now that I've ranted about my dream of efficiency and delegation, I'll get back to multi-tasking.

If you have a story on the site that has not been updated, please send the updated chapters to k(at)noiresensus(dot)com by Saturday evening (AustEST).