August 31st, 2005

Amila - Crimson Stigmata

[support] New Theme Song & Fixed Links

Holidays begin this Friday!! - I am doing site work these holidays, uni can wait. Haven't had the time to touch the site in the last three weeks, and I'm in serious withdrawal. As for the main purpose of this post, I've fixed and added a few things around the site this morning (while I procastinate...):

New Theme Song
+ In the Harry Potter section for Ginny Weasley

I'm also working on moving all entries to a database to get rid of the advertisements in the text gear. It was going well - until three weeks ago when uni took over my life.

Broken Links
+ Fixed a very broken link in the Lord of the Rings archive, Hithaeglir for "Yielding" by Milady Hawke and Lady E. Completely broken (it was a. pointing to the wrong file, and b. pointing at a single fic when there were multiple chapters), there was no way it was going to work - so I'm very glad it was reported :)