May 1st, 2005

Amila - Crimson Stigmata

Amendments for 29 April 2005 Update

  • All archive indexes and new fics have been uploaded. All new stories have been checked through the Bookshelf update list and are working from that URL so if anything else is broken, let me know so I can fix more things! :)
  • In the most recent update, one of Purple Penguin's new FAKE stories was incorrectly recorded as Kumaguro's "Desperate Sympathy". It has been changed to the correct story, "Bikky's Birthday". My apologies to both authors - I'll try to keep my ineptness from influencing the site in future...
  • All dates in the Tekken Chronicles have been updated; they were all showing the wrong date for the update. My bad, not K's. I didn't warn her there was going to be an update on the 29th.

Thanks for bearing with us for all the hiccups in the last update, and thanks especially to all those kind people who took the time to let us know (the sudden spike in broken link reports was a pretty good hint what the problem was). It was all very much appreciated :)

Now, I'm gonna go - and enjoy our spoils from Sydney ;) Take care!