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[support] New Posting Guidelines, etc

Hi guys!

Not an update post – unfortunately, sorry! – but a support post for this community. I am attempting to work on the site, but it’s been hard to summon the enthusiasm working on a dying laptop… but we’ll get there. Noire Sensus is not dead!

Updated in the LJ community:
  • New LJ layout – we’ll see how long this one lasts. I was trying to find something visually non-offensive (it’s so hard!) that was in the free area and had good support for tags. Reason being, we’re now using the tag system to assist the memories as it’s more flexible - as you can see they're now listed down the side. More on that in the new posting guidelines below…

  • All posts have now been tagged and memorised as appropriate – I’ll keep adding memories while they come through, but if you could help with the tagging, it’d be great. I’m trying to keep the number of individual tags concise as I’ve heard of communities being deleted without warning for going over a ‘limit’ – which is not explicitly stated anywhere in LJ’s support documentation. I know, I’ve checked :(

New posting guidelines:
(also added to the profile information)
  • Subject/Titles for fic and art posts now have a format: [FIC|ART] FANDOM : FIC/ART TITLE. Unless someone can suggest something that looks nicer :)

  • Tag all posts – unless you think it’s really unnecessary (eg. just a quick shout out for info, etc). In fic and art posts the minimum required tags are author: name, fic: [fandom] OR art: [fandom], pairings (one tag for each pairing). If it’s just a fic search, there’s a tag for that, too.

And I think that’s it. As you might’ve noticed this community is more active than the site – psudoskribe actually suggested moving all activity to the comm., but I’d like to keep the site going, too. Remember, if you’re posting your fics in other LJ communities and would like them (eventually) added to Noire Sensus, don’t forget to post them here, too :)

Hope you guys are all having a great time,

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