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Crimson Blackmail

» Title: Crimson Blackmail
» Author: [Sapphire17] []
» Fandom: Tekken
» Rating: NC-17
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series Name: One-shot
» Classification(s): Lemon
» Warnings: YAOI, angst, launguage, violence, mild drug-use, voyeurism, and sorta non-con...?
» Pairings: Hwoarang x Lei, Kazuya x Lee, Hwoarang x Jin
» Author's Notes: See all at the top of the fic.
» Summary: Hwoarang and Lei Wulong set-out on a mission to save Jin Kazama from Kazuya’s capture, though they have no idea what Kazuya Mishima and Lee Chaolan really have in store for them in the end...

Crimson Blackmail

Tags: author: sapphire17, fic: tekken, pairing: hwoarang/lei wulong, pairing: jin kazama/hwoarang, pairing: kazuya mishima /lee chaolan
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