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Title: Trickster
Author: Hecate's Brat
Fandom: FF VII
Pairings: Reno/Rude-esque
Rating: pg
Warnings: language i think, slight ooc on rude's part
Disclaimer: Not mine. *weeps*

All eyes were on him; he could feel it, and glancing discreetly from behind his glasses Rude confirmed that fact. He quickly took a seat next to his partner and turned his chair towards the president.

Sighing with a roll of his eyes, he answered the question that must have been on everyone's lips with a "..."

Rufus ShinRa's eyebrows rose slightly and he grinned, a grin the formerly bald man seen often enough, as it was usually directed at his partner for saying something stupid.

Attention was turned back to the blonde president as he cleared his throat. The meeting went quickly and efficiently, leaving the Turks a few moments to themselves. Reno spun his chair around and smirked at his partner, a cigarette dangling from his lips. "Hair? Seriously? What were you thinking man?"

Rude responded with a shrug and tilt of the head, "I'm trying to grow my hair out. Something new."

A little chuckle came out of the red headed man as he stood up and groped his jacket for his lighter. "Lets get going. Tseng wanted us to do some extra little jobs before we start our mission."


"Yo, you gotta do somethin' with your hair. It's turnin' into a mini-fro." Reno put his feet on the coffee table and lit up a smoke to take a drag. He was more than aware that Rude was glaring at him from the bathroom and he gave him a careless smile back before exhaling a smoke ring. Snubbing out the cigarette's cherry on the sole of his boot he tucked the rest back into its holder. "I'm not kidding. It's a fro. It's gonna be huge if it gets any larger."

A grunt was all Rude decided to give his partner as a response. He didn't really care if it turned into an afro, the former bald Turk was starting to get used to the look, even if it was getting a bit poofy.

"Rude, one more week...then you gotta go bald. You just don't look like you should be taken seriously."


Reno figured that since the end of the week was nearing and his large partner hadn't shaved his head yet, that he would help him out. The redhead figured that since Rude shared the information of doing a deep conditioning treatment on his hair every few days, that any actions he did would be his own fault and not Reno's.

Capping the conditioner bottle, he gave it a quick shake and sniffed, testing for the tell tale smell from a harsh chemical hair remover. Pleased with the job, he booked it out of Rude's quarters and headed to his own, ready to play stupid if need be.


Sprawled out on his bed, snoring loudly, Reno was more than oblivious of his partner standing over him, growling.

"Reno! You asshole!" the tall man stood with a towel wrapped around his waist, glaring down at the sleeping figure. Rude knew better, his partner was out for the night and wouldn't wake until his alarm went off.

Searching the haphazard mess on the desk, the tall Turk found what he was looking for and turned back to the unconscious redhead, smiling slightly.


Tseng sat at his desk, waiting for the last member of the Turks to show. The quiet man looked at Rude, questioning him with a look about his partners location. He shrugged and rubbed at his hairless scalp.

Tseng clicked his tongue in impatience just as the door was opening. The redhead, normally filled with a lazy energy, mumbled an apology and sat on a chair, his face down.

"Reno. What is going on here?" The Turk leader's voice rang crisply through the office, causing Reno to look up. All words were halted on the long haired man's tongue. "I see. So the trickster got a dose of his own medicine."

Reno's face flushed red under the black marker on his face.
Tags: author: hecate's brat, fic: final fantasy vii (7), pairing: rude/reno

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