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Transformers :: Prime for President

psuedoskribe in _noiresensus

[!] news :ns beta project 2005

Do you cringe everytime you see "it's" and "its" interchanged incorrectly; notice some authors adopting perculiar laws of emphasis with their CAPS LOCK!?!?!?; wonder which alternative personality of Seifer that author was aiming for, or if he was really just manic -- and can comment on these things critically to the author?

This year we've decided to put together a beta team for the archives and we'd love for people to join us.

Being a beta means devoting some of your time to read over someone else's work and letting them know what may or may not have worked, be it small or large, before their work goes up in a final form. The level of detail that goes into betaing is at the discretion of the beta, but is worked out before hand between them and the author. For example, will you suggest corrections in the syntax, or are you willing to go over a story with a fine-toothed comb minding such things as character development, plot and general consistency.

If you have good experience with writing and have too much spare time on your hands (firstly, let's swap places =P), maybe you'd like to try being a beta for someone? Write to us and tell us a little about what work you've done in the past and the conditions you'd like to work with. For example, do you only want to beta one-shot stories or willing to take on a multi-chaptered epic? Which fandom(s) will you beta for? Are there any installments within a series of one fandom (eg. "Final Fantasy", "Soul Calibur") you prefer not to work with, for whatever reason? Any particular pairings or issues/content you absolutely won't work with?

There are likely other things I've neglecting to mention, please call me up on them. If there's anything else you need answered, just ask in reply to this post or in email if you'd prefer more privacy.

In the meantime, I'm late for class ^^;


If it's betas you're looking for, I hereby humbly submit my community thebetacorner for any commissions/odd jobs/whatever that you might need. Basically, we're just sitting on our collective butts waiting none-too-patiently for someone to request us, so we would jump at the chance to actually beta something, be it whatever. If you're interested, drop us a line! Thanks!
Oh my God, are you serious? Really? Really?! Forget interested, I'm enthralled! Beta me up, baby! =DD

I'll contact you later so we can discuss and smooth out the details. Thank you so much for the offer!

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