Chananigans (gunblade_girl) wrote in _noiresensus,

Fic Search

I'm looking for an FFVIII SxS fanfic, and I'm sure I read it on Noiresensus. I can't find it anywhere now, and I don't remember the name of it.

Laguna had died and Squall became president. He took a vacation to one of Laguna's old palaces and found Seifer there. Come to find out Seifer had been Laguna's slave.

Seifer and Squall argued about Seifer's being a slave and Seifer mentioned how it wasn't so bad and that it could be worse because some other country wanted him lobotomized. Squall responded by saying that was a cop out.

It all ended in a sex scene where Seifer had to balance water on his head while Squall did interesting things to his body.

It was a one-shot smut fic, really, but I liked it a lot.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Tags: fic search

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