Merci (nosferatu_blue) wrote in _noiresensus,

[FIC]  Tekken - Tainted Love - Lee/Kazuya

I'm breaking rank and delving into my otp Kaz/Lee.  *dies*

Title:  Tainted Love
Author:   Merci
Pairing:   Lee Chaolan/Kazuya Mishima
Rating:   NC17
Status:   Complete (unless I wanna write a continuation with Kaz’s revenge!)
Source:    Tekken
Warnings:  Yaoi, Kink: bondage, flogging, marking, some minor bloodplay, c&b torture.

Summary:  Lee arranges for Kazuya to be put into a submissive position where hecan exact some revenge for all the wrongs he’s suffered in his life.  It’s his turn to top.
Inspired after a conversation turned to question “What are their kinks?”

( Tainted Love )
Tags: author: merci, fic: tekken, pairing: kazuya mishima /lee chaolan

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