need lotsa lotsa friends please :P

Name:      pink

Location:      Asia

Age:      28

How long have you been without friends?:      most of my life, i guess :P

What is the reason, in your opinion, that you don't have friends?:      

i grew up in a conservative family where morales and values are important. also, for some reason i am the favorite of my family and relatives. everyone expected me to be the best in everything i do. because i look different from most of the people in my neighborhood, school, and later on at work. i guess that is how i got their attention. another reason maybe because i look so vulnerable and frail.

i usually get a lot of friends at first! but whenever they try to know me better i don't know why they back away. somehow i think it's because of my upbringing. but i like the way i was brought up and don't want to change. or maybe because i'm just not a party girl who drinks in the club until the wee hours. i once tried to fit in, but in the end i wasn't comfortable because i don't really enjoy the things they do. i guess i'm boring.

i remember having "co-workers\friends" who would want to be close to me just so he can have stories to talk about me to our manager. some said, they just wanted to be "close" to me and be their so called "friends". but i don't really consider people who gives me a list of what they don't like about me every single day they see me - like my hair, my lipstick, my perfume, etc. 

i wish to have friends who are normal yet "weird" people like me. who can be comfortable being with the real me and we can both have fun shopping, watching movies, reading, and just hanging around.
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Name: Tina
Location: Philadelphia
Age: 18

Ever since I was a child, I never had any real friends. I had an abused past and I was bullied all of my school life
until I dropped out of high school.  there  was a time when I was 14-15 years old where
I thought I had best friends but they turned out to be fake, slutty, the jealous types, and backstabbing.
They looked down on me when I had social anxiety disorder and never left my house.
For 3 years now, I'm pretty much anti-social. I only have one friend left and she lives in a diff state and is busy with her own life.

I tend to get shy and nervous when talking, so ppl gradually make fun of me rather than be friends.
Everyone is rude and immature.
I look normal on the outside but I'm messed up on the inside, it's hard to relate to ppl in real life
when I'm like that

and yea, i think i'm starting to scare some of my friends on LJ with my violent depressing posts. They
barely talk to me anymore except for my one friend that lives in a diff state.

I'm sad and would atleast like to make some friends on Lj =(
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(no subject)

Name: Teodora
Location:Umm not where i wanted to be :))
Age:almost 18
How long have you been without friends?:
Umm i don't really know, i guess almost 8 years

What is the reason, in your opinion, that you don't have friends?:
I hate fake people and those who lack  manners but i'm surrounded by them. I'm also a freak in this society sooo yeah xD
I would like to have some friends to talk about things though :/
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The untouchable Mean Girls

This is a rare incidence of someone actually being bullied for being attractive. Other girls were jealous because this girl was beautiful, and their boyfriends noticed. This girl was obviously beautiful on the inside too, because she had a sensitive heart. And I believe that was what caused her to take her life. Note that she grew up in Ireland, not immersed in our cut-throat American culture. God Bless Phoebe Prince and know she has a special place in heaven. And to all the bullies at South Hadley High School and all the high schools across America... may you get the punishment that's coming to you. And to the Massachusetts government... get off your butts and go ahead with bullying legislation!
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Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Name: Lindsay
Location: Florida
Age: 15
How long have you been without friends?: Off and on, about 6 years. 4-7th grade, I had no friends at all. 8th grade, I had a few. 9-now/10th, nothing.

What is the reason, in your opinion, that you don't have friends?: I think maybe I'm kind of emotional, and that sort of freaks people out. I'm severely paranoid, too. I'm also really, er...I guess you could say "unattractive"? And, well, considering the school I go to (where unless you're either gorgeous or incredibly wealthy, you're a loser) that's a big factor.

Anything else you need to know? Well...I dunno. I'm a borderline alcoholic, if that counts?
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A better person

x-posted to my journal

To my ex-friend,

I apologize for the nasty entry I posted in my journal awhile back. Although you disappointed me for the 2nd time and put me and my family in danger of being attacked by a psycho, I acknowledge I was partly to blame.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't rid my life of a certain person I didn't want around in the first place. I was trying to live my life, but this person kept latching onto me and getting into all my personal business. I had no emotional attachment to him whatsoever, but he did to me, and did psycho-stalker things like take all the numbers out of my phone. I finally got rid of him through the court system. Now I'm married with a baby boy. I'm a better person now, and some of my biggest values are loyalty and trust,
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Massachusetts finally doing something right?

Like most other places, Massachusetts has consistently done a shitty job at controlling bullying in schools. This may be about to change, according to the following 2 newspaper articles:

Support Swells for Anti Bully Legislation

Students Urge Mass Lawmakers to Act on Bullying

If these bills actually pass, I'll have a new found respect for my home state.

It's interesting to read the comments on the articles left by people. You can easily tell who the former bullies are, as they are livid at the prospect of the bill passing. They are also the ones minimizing bullying as "a part of life".

It will be interesting to see what will happen if the bill goes through. There will be a lot of kids being reprimanded. There is also a misconception that bullies grow up to be criminals that go to jail. Not true. Many grow up to be lawyers, pharmacists... even ... gulp... police officers... in my hometown! And yes, they continue to be bullies as adults. If they're seriously punished for their cruel behavior as children, there is a chance they may put an end to it... if only out of fear.


Name: Kat
Location: Hell, it appears.
How long have you been without friends?: Always.
What is the reason, in your opinion, that you don't have friends?: I'm too damn shy, grr! Plus, the crazies I like as friends are too hard to find... sad face.
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