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No Credit, No Problem!

We'll get ya what you need, and fast!

_no credit
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How many times have you gone to save and icon and noticed
the big "MUST CREDIT" disclaimer? How many times have
you been annoyed by this big disclaimer? A lot, huh? Well, here's the solution.. an icon commity with a 'no credit rule'.

• • • • • • •

Now, let's get some stuff straight. We've made
a few icons in our life. Find a pic (that obviously isn't
ours) size it down, slap some text and a border on and we have a
nice icon. Great! Not too much hard labor, a touch of creativity
and we're all happy. What I don't understand, is the need to credit a creator for this. There was no commission, no contract.

Before you click the send button on your hate mail, let me say one more thing. I make icons. I make a lot
of them and I love to share them, without asking for credit.
So yes, I do put time and effort into these, and I know how it 'feels'. Secondly, somethings are worth credit, perhaps. Animations, blinkie things, orginal artwork, those... maybe I could see giving credit. So if you make those sorts of icons, try another community, because I don't think we can fulfill your needs.

In NO WAY does this community promote the sharing of "stolen"
icons. Icons posted here should be created by the poster.

• • • • • • •


First and most obvious: •don't ask for credit
• Be considerate of dial up users, use lj cut tags
• Don't spam or advertise, we do icons here
• Please don't be a butt, we like friendly folk
• You SHOULD comment on what you take....
(thus, you must join the community)

NO text only posts
i.e. help questions, requests

posts asking for credit or
breaking the rules will be deleted

Please contact mysscryss with questions, concerns, or comments

• • • • • • •