what would they say if they knew i was a christian freak?

and would i really even care?

it's more like nip/fuck, than anything.
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this community is for the excessive discussion, over-analysis, debating, lusting/fawning, and general love of the show Nip/Tuck...

i encourage posting pictures(lj-cut, plz.), rambling posts about the recent(or not so recent) episodes, argument over exactly how pathetic julia is, and fantasizing about our favorite 10-inch cock. post icons and requests for icons, post sessie pictures of our boys)and girls, but we'll get to that later...), and, here's where it gets tricky...
regarding fanfic:
post a little, and if it all sucks horribly, then i'm going to put it on moderation, because it's my community, and i don't want any shitty, sappy julia/sean or mary sue/christian fuckfests littering my friends page. actually, i won't allow a single mary sue. i do hate them, alot. also, no fic involving the actors, that's creepy. what i love is anything involving ava/christian fuckfests. yes. fests.

membership is moderated because i want it to be, and because i want a veritable deluge of sexy famke jennsen pics. send me one famke pic(not necessarily as ava), and you're in. because i'm mafia like that.

trade episodes if you like, but put them in locked posts, don't need anyone on my ass about copyrights.

lj-cut spoilers, guys. seriously.

a word about newbies: post, goddammit. i'll kick you out and ban you if you don't post within the week you're put into the community, and if anyone doesn't post within a reasonable amount of time(yes, relative and to be determined by ME), i'll take you out, braw.

also, if you're gonna cry to me about how you don't want to post and how i'm mean about it, well, fuck you, figure out what a community is and get a sense of humor. and if you really think that "i'ma cut you, sucka, if you don't post soon" is "really mean" and, for that matter, a serious threat, perhaps the internet just isn't for you.

other than that, join and fawn.

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