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what would they say if they knew i was a christian freak?

and would i really even care?

3/30/08 01:17 am - shortshyt224

come join niptuck_contest its a new community devoted to only nip/tuck icons and graphics.

2/20/08 01:12 am - bigbakaboon - Kind of united census on the badness of nip/tuck this season.

Remember good seasons?Collapse )


2/12/08 10:50 pm - bigbakaboon - matt

Lets see...

Nazi's, transsexuals (twice), ex porn star turned scientologist turned meth head turned back to porn star, jewish burn victim, and now your sister.


Kill Julia, then kill yourself. It's the only way i'll be able to take either character seriously again.


12/20/07 09:04 pm - hyddenmynd87 - What happened to Conor?

It  occurred to me the other night watching the 5th season of Nip/Tuck that Conor is conspicuously absent.

Did something happen to him during the course of season 4 that I missed about him? Or did they just write him off without a reason? If someone could shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.


7/17/07 10:53 am - born_to_resist - I'm sorry I could not stop laughing at these

I typed in Julian Mcmahon on youtube and these two video's came up and i couldn't help but laugh at the songs they picked.... He is hot! and they fit so well but it's just funny.

9/19/06 04:50 pm - hyddenmynd87

Does anyone know if they are playing Nip/Tuck twice in a row like they did last season?

9/9/06 07:16 pm - ms_kit_mcgraw

Up and running Nip/Tuck related role playing game in effect.

one Kit McGraw looking for a Quentin Costa. Also to play the Carver. I'm terribly outnumbered over there.

If interested apply here

There are also other characters still available.

8/11/06 02:10 am - carlyinrome - s4 spoilers from entertainment weekly

Cut for spoilers.Collapse )

I think I have another EW article that goes more in-depth, but I'm having trouble finding it. If I can get my hands on it, I'll type it up and post it, too.

8/11/06 02:04 am - carlyinrome - S4 promos

You can watch all the season four promos on YouTube:

8/7/06 10:35 pm - hyddenmynd87 - Confirmed Season 4 Start Date!

The advertisements are on FX! Season 4 starts on Tuesday, September 5th!

Season 3 DVD comes out on August 29 giving fans 7 days to watch it & catch up/refresh your memory! I'm so excited!
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