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Casting: Both Katee Sackhoff and Rose McGowan to play Teddy Lowe?

According to EW's Ausiello, it looks like *both* Katee Sackhoff and Rose McGowan are going to play Dr. Theodora "Teddy" Lowe, a potential love interest for Sean. If I understand what he's saying, the episodes filmed with Katee will air as is for the second half of S5, but for S6 in 2010, she will mysteriously morph into Rose McGowan, much like a soap opera recasting.

Question: A while back you reported that Rose McGowan was replacing Katee Sackhoff as a guest star on Nip/Tuck. But there are clips from the new season that show Katee on the show. What's the scoop? Is Rose still replacing her? -- Tara

Ausiello: Yes, but it's complicated. You see, Katee originated the role of anesthesiologist Teddy Rowe in the latter part of Nip/Tuck's 5th season -- which got a very late start in production due to the writers strike. (The remaining eight episodes of season 5 will begin airing on Jan. 6.) When season 6 began production, Katee was no longer available, so e.p. Ryan Murphy hired Rose to assume the role. Actually, that wasn't so complicated after all.

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