sansjanman (sansjanman) wrote in _ninja_brigade,

Ninja Wisedom

Some ancient ninja wisedom...

"Always use much deodorant... A stanky ninja will not have the element of suprise."TheyCallMeBruce

"A ninja is brave, strong, wise and agile. They are of the night and have very good stealth. If you want to become a great ninja then do martial arts, it helps a lot." masterninja

"When fighting with another ninja, make sure your uniform color is different than his!!!" Mr. Ninja

"I may be short, but if i kill you i'll be taller than you." shibs

"A Ninja is a master of all weapons. Not only the weapons he sees, but weapons he finds. A Ninja also realizes that the greatest weapon he ever carries is his mind. To out think an enemy is to defeat an enemy." Skye_Lightrider

"Never store shurikens in your underpants" Espio

This Ninja wisedom was brought to you by I-Ninja and the letter 5.
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