sansjanman (sansjanman) wrote in _ninja_brigade,

Ninja Training

I'm really bored right now so, here's a little bit of Sai (pronounced "sigh") training for all you aspiring Ninjas out there... I'd post my own pics but my camera had a little ninja related accident X_X

Elbow Strike
(1) Without a weapon, execute a standard karate elbow strike with the usual outward arc of approach.
Elbow Strike

(A) To perform the same strike with the sai, you may drive the point into your opponent's mid-section by holding it tightly under-neath your forearm,
Figure A
or you may execute other variations like (B) an upward strike,
Figure B
(C) a downward strike
Figure C
and (D) a backward thrust.
Figure D

So go hoime and practice that on your beanie-babies or whatever.
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