I'm such a ho-bag retard. This place hasn't been updated for months, therefore, I fail. :DDD;;; I bring you STUFF!

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The Haruhi and Tamaki FAAAAAAAAAIL because, like... first doodle sketchy... things. WTFZ. SO UGLY. SQUISHY FACE. FAIL! The hat is... my hat. xD; The skirt I saw in a magazine. ToriShishi because I'm still obsessed, somewhere in there. L is there because. Gakuto's there because. My favorite on the page is the ToriShishi. And the L. Ummm... that's it. :D;;; As for the unlabeled person under the hat, that's even more fail than the Tamaki and Haruhi stuff, so I'm not even going to talk about it after this. Yep.
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This is where I realize how much I fail at anatomy, outfits and drawing in general. .______.;; L. Yeah.

... I need to work on those requests.

[CG] ToriShishi - "Ichinichi Dake no BAKANSU"

Title: "Ichinichi Dake no BAKANSU"
Series: Prince of Tennis
Featuring: Ootori Choutarou and Shishido Ryou
Dimensions: 600x427px
Size: 294k
Time: I have no idea. But it's been hours. xO
Lineart: here
Comments: It's safe to say I have a huge headache after doing this. xDDD;;; But I like how it came out. Inspired by the song of the same name off of Shishido's ZERO album.

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Choutarou's Birthday/Valentine's Gift; Dedicated to strawberrychan

sortinghat_rp-based gifty for my Choutarou. :O

Warnings for crossdressing.


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Time: approx. 3 hours on coloring.
Mediums: random sketchbook, a leaking Pilot .5 pen, and Atobe Photoshop.
Dimensions: 456 x 600px
Size: 359K
Rating: ... buu... PG-13 for crossdressing.
Feeling: I am satisfied. :O
Comments: The shading sucks, as per usual... but I'm satisfied with the overall feeling. :D; There is a HUGE amount of red and pink in this thing... Red is one of Shishido's favorite colors, isn't it? I don't remember. Anyway... for those who don't know, this is an RP-based pic. Shishido went to Yuushi for help on what to do on Valentine's Day and Yuushi suggested... well, seduce him in that. So... we get this. The sheets are gold and red because Choutarou's a Gryffindor (the RP is based on the HP-verse). Aaaaand, that's it. I hope you all enjoy~!

And before anyone asks, yes, I know my layout on here is screwed up. xD;;; I haven't figured out how to move the text down yet. xD;;;