We call ourselves the Nightstalkers

We were gonna go with the Care Bears, but that name was already taken

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Nightstalking is an RPG based loosely on the characters of Blade: Trinity. Our timeline is Pre-Trinity, actually, so we meet the Stalkers as they are coming into their own as a force to be reckoned with to both Vampires and Familiars.

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As Whistler’s daughter, Abigail is the first member of the group and she is soon followed by Hannibal King, an in-your-face, foulmouthed, gun wielding, former vampire. Slowly but surely, the two recruit others like themselves--fighters--to add to their ranks. The newly formed group does their part in keeping the Vampire population down as best they can; using their wit, street fighting know-how and most importantly…cool ass toys to get the job done. While their numbers are few and at times it can seem like they’re fighting a loosing battle, that doesn’t stop them.

Abraham Whistler’s loyalty lies with Blade, so the band of misfits is virtually on their own. Familiars and Vampires alike come to recognize the Nightstalkers as Public Enemy #2. (Well, come on, Blade is still the ‘IT’ guy.)

The Stalkers do their thing; shame shit, different night…until now. Their newest enemy isn’t a wanna-bit human or a gang of average vampires. Enter Lilith, daughter of Dracula himself.

Will the Nightstalkers be able to band together and take down their first major enemy, or will Lilith come out onto in the end?

Sun’s almost down. Let the real fun begin.

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We Call Ourselves the Nightstalkers


The Good
Abigail (Abby) Whistler - x__abby__x
Hannibal King - king_han
Jacqueline (Jac) Helsing - jacqueline_jac
Aisha Christian Davids - _aisha_davids_
Colby - familiarxnoxmor
Sebastian Brady - jagermeisterman
Jaye Wallace - missjaye
Chester Davis - chester_davids

The Bad
Lilith - lilith_drake
Danica Talos - danica_talos
Chase Reynolds - lunar_lycan
William Velkan- feral_instincts
Asher Talos - xasherx

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1) Try and keep up with the plot. This means reading all threads, not just the one you're involved in.
2) No one-line comments please.
3) If you wont be able to post for a while due to whatever reason, try and let the group know. (We're pretty understanding, so we won't go all 'grrr' on ya if you have a good reason for not posting/replying.)
4) If your character is not heard from in a week then you'll get a warning. Once the warning goes up you have three days to get back to us. (This does not mean you have to POST for your character by the third day, just let us know you're alive and well in the OOC journal and give us a heads up on your status with the group.)
5)Once there is an 11 day gap of not hearing from you, you will be replaced. (Again, if theres a good reason behind it then it's ok.)
6) All plot related talk should take place in the OOC Journal. _stalking_ooc_
7) If you plan on shipping run it by the mods and make sure it's ok with the player of the character you want to ship with.
8) PLEASE don't hesitate to add your own input to the current plot. If you want to take your character in a certain direction then by all means run it by us. We’re open to all opinions regarding the plot.
9) Above all else...have fun. Thats the whole point here.
10) Ok...so I dont have a ten. Do I look like Moses?