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So, I couldn't really sleep last night and ended making a decent number of my icons that I'm pretty proud of. A majority of them featuring Zelda and Midna from Twilight Princess, since that's the latest love of my life. Though, I should warn some of you who might whine on icon ranting communities or something, several of these icons are different variations of the same, base image. So if that really yanks your chain, you might want to spare yourselves the oh-so-justified eye-rolling that may ensue at my obviously blatant attempt to up the icon count in this post.

That said, comments are love. In fact I'd rather have you comment then credit, which is appreciated but not necessary. ♥

Final Fantasy VII Compilation
6 - Aerith Gainsborough (5 variations)

The Legend of Zelda ~ Twilight Princess + a few shots of her in Smash Bros. Brawl
4 - Midna *SPOILERS* (2 variations)
1 - Link + Zelda
8 - Zelda (3 variations, 2 variations)
2 - Zelda + Link + Donkey Kong (variation + o.o)

2 - Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn)
1 - Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)
3 - Monou Kotori (X/1999)

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Total Icons: 27

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